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Posted: 26 Sep 08, 12:15 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Instead of this being a place for people to simply ask for things to be shared (which usually leads to minimal results), I suggest it should be a place for people with the recordings (or even an interest in the recordings) to discuss them on various levels, which may ultimately lead to some more good quality shares (either here or in the lossless hub) rather than just shares of any old recording with no lineage or indication that it is the best version.

It seems we've had the "every man for himself" attitude in the Queen community, instead of having people come together to discuss these kinds of things. Maybe when we see dozens of people in on these discussions with an interest in the community as a whole, tapers and other holders of recordings may want to jump in and do their part.

It also seems the mp3 vs flac debate is essentially over (thank goodness), so maybe now we can move on to the next positive step. So, whoever wants to continue on from here and start naming concerts and such, the table is yours. Let's see where this goes...

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Yep, why not !! Let's give it a try...

For example, I just have recently been confirmed the lineage of a QPR 2005 show, in Cologne.
See this thread :

This topic links to a share on Dime (I don't know if it happened to be shared here as torrent or mediafire or something, but if somebody has a link, just include it here !). I can't access is, but someone sent me that one without lineage, so it was maybe about to be lost forever, I don't know.
Anyway, if someone has the same version as in this topic, then just had the new information :

This is Mr. Scully's recording (thanks Maruga for this precision!).
equipment : minidisc recorder MZ-R701 and Sony ECM-719 mic.
the gig was recorded in LP mode (= no need to switch minidiscs and miss any part of the show; differences in quality are absolutely minor anyway, especially compared to the noise the recording gets when transferring to PC via a cable :-)

Can someone check if some other information about the lineage was brought with the torrent ?

also, if someone can create the correct lineage, just correct me :

Lineage should be SONY ECM-719 mic - minidisc recorder MZ-R701 (recorded in LP mode) - WAV - Flac

Please be sure you got the same version than this one before correcting any lineage !



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Posted: 30 Sep 08, 02:04 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Great idea! If there was some discussion about the version or quality of a recording, it mostly got lost somewhere in the announce thread.

... I'll be back again before it's time for sunny-down ...