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Inspired by the 10cc topic. Obviously Queen is more famous than 10cc since they were prominent two decades, 70ies and 80ies, except in the USA where they fall after 1980.


So, 1980 they had have 5 back-to-back top-10 studio albums both in US and Britain. So, what if they would have called quitt right after the huge success of The Game, bites the dust and grazy little thing, and never released Flash, Hot space etc.


What do you think, would they still be classical top band in the USA also?

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In my opinion, the answer to this question is quite obvious.  If we're talking about the United States, Queen is best known for their seventies hits rather than their eighties hits (excluding hits from The Game).  Therefore, I assume the band's everlasting popularity wouldn't have been hurt had the band split circa 1980.  They would have probably gone down in music history as a hit maker band that would have gone amazing places had they stuck together.  Truth be told, that isn't too far from the truth, except that yes, their popularity plummeted in the United States (however their music from the seventies was always remembered).

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