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in response to ANATO being a bad album and where to start to discover Queen my story is:
I first discovered Queen late 81 when my cousin handed me as a present The Game , i remember the grand silver shiny cover and a camp looking guy.
Wow listening to the album now makes me realise how good it was and still is in my opinion Queens greatest work.

I then worked backwards to discover more Queen , i remember buying Queens first album on the cheap fame release , (i had yet to discover Bo Rhap) , i remember really enjoying Queen 1 but it was strange in a way as i could not really get into the album as much as The Game , for obvious reasons it was way behind in production and sound etc.....thus remembering that Queen had been around for ten years i got Greatest Hits its here where i discovered the classics and with a bit of help from mum and dad within a few weeks i owned all the albums they had done to that point.

I remember buying LasPalabras in woolworths one dinner time while at school , rushed home and it did not dissapoint , the joy of buying a single , by then Queen were rapidly in decline , not sure but i remember the charts were massive back then and i was distraught that it failed to reach the top ten , knowing that all my mates at school would be happy as Queen were not exactly cool back then , more of has beens !!

Queen dissapeared for me for around two years(along came tears for fears etc....) until whilst listening to the Radio 1 charts one Sunday night close to 10 to 7 ish Radio Gaga was in at number 2 i think , wow i was amazed , next day at school i remember bragging , get in there back , what a way to be back , along followed the video and the rest of the works era finishing of nicely with Hammer to Fall.

July 85 i was on holiday , on the ship crossing from Holland to England i remember reading the paper with Freddie all over the front page , Freddie stole the show !!

The following day my mates said wow did you see Live Aid Queen were amazing !!
No i missed it did not even kow it was on or what it was all about !!
Lucky for me my mate had taped it , we had a ferguson video star recorder (not many on the street in those days) i watched waited forwarded past dire straits until Gryff and Jones introduced Freddie , this was the first time i had seen a Queen concert , what a way to discover live Queen.

Well the rest is history , and maybe another day i will conclude my story , in the menatime i look forward to manchester , i will be there (might wear a flash t-shirt for those who may want to say i have read your story on queenzone !! laugh laugh) to see Brian and Roger as buy 86 i was sixteen but yes i was lucky to be at knebworth ......oh do remember sitting next to some Alarm fans on the coach but as i said that another story.



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Nice story Peter, have fun in Manchester!!