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on the 11 october 08 i was what you say,well it was a wee bit special for me and my a queen fan what better way to spend it than watching a concert.yes after years and years of waiting the time had my wife and 2 kids(10 and 16) were going to see this is the kids first concert.they are used to music on headphones or basic radios.we got to the arena at about 4 pm,wanted to be early to get good exit for the car park lol,we mingled around saw people from my home town,that was nice to see youngest was outside the door listening to the sound check,he said it seems loud lol.anyway the doors opened and we went in and got seated,not bad seats,front row just off centre stage.left runway right in front of us.the youngest was really excited and the elder was trying to be cool lights out,start thunderstorm.well what can i say.2 kids sat there fingers in ears lol.then it started.well i have never saw two kids so excited before,is that really brian may dad.yep.the look on there faces was a picture,fantastic.the smallest one sat,arms crossed for 20 mins eyes getting wider and the elder still trying to be cool was starting to tap his feet.the further on the concert went the more they relaxed,by half way they were singing along and applauding just got better and better,by the time the cosmos rock(youngest fav song)started they were complete queen this time everytime i looked at them they were stamping there feet,clapping and singing,now this made an old man happy.but all good things come to an end,and after 2 hours 15 mins it ended(shame).they had 2 kids a wife and a 50 yr old so worked up we were singing all the way birthdays go this was a bit special for me as an avid queen fan this was special,would i do it again.hell yes,would my kids do it me eldest said when asked .did you enjoy that,was it worth £200 = booking fee....damd right...o and by the way.the younger one has saved all the pictures for his school project.what we did at the weekend.jonny went swimming,paul went to the cinema.but i saw rock gods.fucking perfect.

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=) Cool man, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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and happy birthday btw

isnt innuendo an italian suppository?

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joxer replies: but in a nice way :-]