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OK guys, I am going to admit here that I am seriously more than way beyond fucking creeped out now.

As not need be reminded, Jake has been following me around many topics, posting totally unnecessary crap that has been at times exploding into troll-ish arguments, a good portion of it due to his false claims that I 'admitted' to eating my own semen.>
And now this sonofabitch has gone beyond creeping me out. I am seriously REALLY feeling like I am being stalked by a closeted homosexual with more than just borderline, severe mental issues.
He is intentionally trawling manually through years and years of posts to find evidence to 'use against' me. And for what purpose??

Have I committed a crime? Am I a wanted felon?
Do my jokes about even slightly sick things make for actual reality?


Jake on the other hand.....I dunno if I really want to know what could be stacked up against him, nor how he is in reality judging by the way he goes about writing his posts and blogs.
But he is clearly trying to bring me down, and he is one of those people who will obviously not go down alone when confronted.

I honestly feel like leaving this site, but I really would rather not, as I have been connecting with quite a few people, some moreso than I have in years, on a very good level, and have been making inroads to try and bring my profile somewhat back up there at least (arguments with certain infamous trolls aside), and providing useful info and advice when needed (especially concerning bootlegging shows) to show I'm not a fucking one-way minded person, and that I am serious about wanting to help people out when I can.

Does he not have a life? Is he *really* over 18 years old?
I don't think so. His trolling behaviour has not changed much in the last few years, aside from taking on a more Jekyll and Hyde-like persona at times.

I don't know what I should do at this point. I am really more than uncomfortable, creeped out, and being made nervous by this guy.
And that is EXTREMELY hard to do with me. I am not easily made uncomfortable, let alone creeped out.
As well, I am VERY certain there are other people who are also made to feel uneasy by Jake as well. I know there is a person, whose nickname I forget at the moment, who honestly feels any time Jake mentions her name, he automatically assumes she has a crush on him......WHAT THE FUCK is that about, Jake!

As well, his posts that implies a closet bisexuality (or homosexuality?) within him certainly do not make everyone laugh or feel comfortable. He's pretty much openly hit on many male users here, which really raises concerns among us due to the undeniable fact that he is a father of a 1-year-old son, and some of us are questioning if he is a paedophile in-the-waiting as well.

But Jake has gone way too far by now, and I would really like to call for him to have his postings either restricted, deleted or banned from this site altogether.

Richard Guilbault (inu-liger)