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Crap, somehow the topic title was lost. Strange stuff going on in this forum lately... Anyway, this is about Hyde Park 76

Hi all,

Since in QZ all you get from Hyde Park are lossy QTV versions and one (apparently) lossless Gipsy Eye version, let me tell you what I did.

I played around with the sound of the Gipsy Eye version that I consider much worse than the QTV sound. It sounds so much more fake and the vocals are even more weird, IMHO. Altough Gipsy Eye has less tape hiss, it just sounds fake to me.

So, what I did was:
- Play around with the Gipsy Eye version so that it could be heard more "QTV style", but I hope a bit better than the original. It´s up to you to decide.
- Fill the gaps of the Gipsy Eye version (first speech and final cheering, including one second of Now I´m Here guitar sound and some more The Prophet´s Song final tape with final speech) with a LOSSY AC3 sound sourced from a QTV tape. I repeat, LOSSY. There is no lossless version from this available here, I guess.

Here is a sample, FLAC sound containing:
1) Bohemian Rhapsody (first seconds from QTV lossy source, since it was missing in Gipsy Eye)
2) Ogre Battle
3) Sweet Lady

What do you think about it? If you think it sucks, say it. If most people think this is actually a DOWNgrade from actual versions floating in QZ, sharing the whole thing would be stupid.