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Here are the tracklistings for all of King's studio albums:

KING (1973)

1. Just Let Yourself Die [Ian April]
2. Being All Correct [Ian April/Jim Raffle]
3. Large Royal Rodent [Bobby Saturn]
4. My Nymph Prince [Bobby Saturn]
5. Non-Truth Teller [Bobby Saturn]
6. The Dark Falls South [Ian April]
7. Current Roll N' Rock [Dodger Gaylord]
8. Brother And Sister [Ian April]
9. Christ [Bobby Saturn]
10. Six Oceans Of Why (Demo) [Bobby Saturn]

KING II (1974)

1. March [Ian April]
2. Mother To Daughter [Ian April]
3. Black King (As It Started) [Ian April]
4. Some Year One Year [Ian April]
5. The Winner In The Middle [Dodger Gaylord]
6. Goblin War [Bobby Saturn]
7. The Pixie Peep's Mistress-Stroke [Bobby Saturn]
8. Everless [Bobby Saturn]
9. The Parade Of The White King [Bobby Saturn]
10. Hilarious How Lust Is [Bobby Saturn]
11. Six Oceans Of Why [Bobby Saturn]


1. Southend Soul [Ian April]
2. Bringing Back To Life King [Bobby Saturn]
3. Apartment Joker [Dodger Gaylord]
4. Dab Of The Hand [Bobby Saturn]
5. Plant Of The Canyon [Bobby Saturn]
6. Then I'm There [Ian April]
7. In The Orbit Of The Lords [Bobby Saturn]
8. Rock Hot Madness [Bobby Saturn/Ian April/Dodger Gaylord/Don Bacon]
9. Close Mates [Ian April]
10. That's A Bad Miss [Don Bacon]
11. Return Of Elroy Blue [Bobby Saturn]
12. He Builds Her (Jedi Knight In High Heels) [Ian April]
13. In The Orbit Of The Lords Revisited [Bobby Saturn]


1. Birth On No Legs [Bobby Saturn]
2. Snoozing On A Saturday Night [Bobby Saturn]
3. I Despise My Truck [Dodger Gaylord]
4. He's Your Sworn Enemy [Don Bacon]
5. '69 [Ian April]
6. Sugar Woman [Ian April]
7. Beachside Meeting [Bobby Saturn]
8. The Oracle's Tune [Ian April]
9. Lust Of My Existence [Bobby Saturn]
10. Bad Congregation [Ian April]
11. Amish Hoedown [Bobby Saturn]
12. Lord Save The King [Ian April/Traditional Accompaniment]


1. Fasten Your Sister Up [Ian April]
2. You Grab My Air Away [Bobby Saturn]
3. Far Away [Ian April]
4. The Billionaire Tango [Bobby Saturn]
5. Me And You [Don Bacon]
6. Nobody To Hate [Bobby Saturn]
7. Black Girl [Ian April]
8. Bad New-Fashioned Lover Girl [Bobby Saturn]
9. Doze [Dodger Gyalord]
10. Seo Sorriatte (Let Us Hug Each Other) [Ian April]


1. You Shall Inflict Upon Us A Slight Movement [Ian April]
2. They Are The Runner's Up [Bobby Saturn]
3. Mild Heart Murmur [Dodger Gaylord]
4. Some Live Some Live [Ian April]
5. Stretch Your Arms [Don Bacon]
6. Riot From The Outside [Dodger Gaylord]
7. Get Up Have Sex [Bobby Saturn]
8. Lazing On The Pavement [Ian April]
9. Is He Needed? [Don Bacon]
10. It's Early [Ian April]
11. My Downhearted Blues [Bobby Saturn]

ROCK (1978)

1. Must Have Her [Bobby Saturn]
2. Skinny Assed Lads [Ian April]
3. Envy [Bobby Saturn]
4. Moped Marathon [Bobby Saturn]
5. If You Can Heat Them [Don Bacon]
6. Let Him Amuse Us [Bobby Saturn]
7. Live Off Time [Ian April]
8. In Just One Week [Don Bacon]
9. Fantasy Seeker's Prom [Ian April]
10. Ecstasy It [Dodger Gaylord]
11. Moving Out Is Hard [Ian April]
12. Do Halt Him Now [Bobby Saturn]
13. Less Of That Rock [Dodger Gaylord]


1. Stay Out Of The Competition [Bobby Saturn]
2. Dinosaur Abuse [Ian April]
3. One Refrains Biting And Just Lets Dust Collect [Don Bacon]
4. Want Your Lustin' Tomorrow [Don Bacon]
5. Sane Huge-Assed Matter Nicknamed Hate [Bobby Saturn]
6. Punk It [Dodger Gaylord]
7. Stop Attempting To Kill Yourself [Bobby Saturn]
8. Swim Away Sugar Brother [Ian April]
9. Arriving Later [Dodger Gaylord]
10. Just Let Me Be [Ian April]

COLD AREA (1982)

1. Leaving Energy [Bobby Saturn]
2. Jiver [Ian April]
3. Front Talk [Don Bacon]
4. Human Accent [Bobby Saturn]
5. Movement This Hour [Dodger Gaylord]
6. Put In The Flame [Ian April]
7. Existence Is Fake (Song For Lemmon) [Bobby Saturn]
8. Phoning All Boys [Dodger Gaylord]
9. Mas Ralabras Ce Emor (The Words Of Lust) [Ian April]
10. Hot Dog [Bobby Saturn/Don Bacon]
11. Over Release [King/Avid Snowie]

THE PLAYS (1984)

1. Transmitter Goo Goo [Dodger Gaylord]
2. Rip It Down [Ian April]
3. It's An Easy Existence [Bobby Saturn]
4. Woman On The Warpath [Bobby Saturn]
5. Humans (Back To Machines) [Ian April/Dodger Gaylord]
6. I Wish To Be Released [Don Bacon]
7. Keep Missing The Closed Doors [Bobby Saturn]
8. Screwdriver To Rise [Ian April]
9. Is That The Planet We Built? [Bobby Saturn/Ian April]


1. Zero View [King]
2. Some Sort Of Witchcraft [Dodger Gaylord]
3. One Month Of Lust [Don Bacon]
4. Hurt Is So Near To Happiness [Bobby Saturn/Don Bacon]
5. Mates Will Be Mates [Bobby Saturn/Don Bacon]
6. Who Wishes Not To Die? [Ian April]
7. Give Me The Reward [Ian April]
8. Do Win Your Bed [Dodger Gaylord]
9. Princesses Of The Galaxy [Bobby Saturn]


1. Gathering
2. Lashiggi's Canoe
3. The Nightmare
4. I Wish Everything
5. The Visible Girl
6. Smashentry
7. Snow Must Not Drop
8. Tabloid
9. My Lady Does Him
10. Wasn't It Worth That?


1. Perfectly Clean
2. I'm Heading Towards Insanity
3. Headshort
4. I Can Die With You
5. Do Attempt So Easy
6. Board The Crazy Breeze
7. All Lord's Aliens
8. Those Were The Hours Of Our Existence
9. Samson
10. The Murderer
11. Dijon
12. The Programme Must Continue


1. It's A Horrible Night
2. Produced While In Bed
3. Allow You Life
4. Sister Lust
5. My Existence Has Been Rescued
6. I Was Killed To Hate You
7. Beds For Everyone
8. Not Much Lust Will Thrill You
9. You Do Make A Mug Out Of Me
10. A Summer's Story

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What about the King + Fred Rogers album?  I think they had it on PBS.

Unfortunately the little red trolley no longer runs by my house, so I haven't had a chance to hear it yet.  I really wish Don Bacon would have participated, but Mr. McFeeley is a damn fine player, with speedy delivery.