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Hello Netbuds! (

How are you today?

I'm writing to start an official thread, I might ramble on for a bit, but I've got one vision for this, as multifaceted as it is.

I'm formally requesting Queen + Paul Rodgers re-record and re-release Queen classics.

(The new Journey line up with Arnel Pineda singing did this.)

Starting with:

LONG AWAY (from "A Day At The Races", 1976)

Just imagine what Paul Rodgers could do with this song, live and in studio.

A suggestion to ya boys, remember Roger Maguin, the singer songwriter, it was Micah, owner of that thought perhaps Mr. Maguin was the singer, not Brian with Queen.

How about you?

What do you suggest as a re-recorded Queen classic?

Just remember, the song must not have been widely popular on radio or concert play before, such as "Long Away" meets the criteria.


"Doin' Alright" with some harmonica


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Hi Bill

Thought I'd chime in on this, as I was/am a big fan of the new Journey release.  Why did I like it so much?  Well the album was good.  Not great, but good.  Once again they decided to re-work Separate Ways and it worked a lot better this time.  I love Never Walk Away.  There are a couple of other cuts I really like, the rest is pretty much your standard post-Perry selection.

But the DVD included was great!!  Much better than the DVD Q+PR included with Cosmos.

But I was very disappointed in the re-workings.  Didn't like the Don't Stop Believin - Soprano's Edit at all.  The piano sounds terrible!  Chorus on a piano?  C'mon JC, you should know better.  Plus the guitar is just over the top.  I know he got a new guitar, but that was a little much.  Plus, very poor selection of re-works.  I would have challenged the band and re-worked some of the deeper cuts.  Look at the DVD:  Mother, Father is by far the show-stopper and it was never really one of the "hits".

So, if Q+PR decide to go this route, and it's entirely possible they will, I would reach deep.  Real deep.  Some of those tunes just can't be replicated.  But a re-hashed See What A Fool or Doin' Alright or Sleeping On The Sidewalk would be very interesting with Paul giving it a go.  He could even do I'm In Love With Roger's Car.  I think Paul would sound great on Slightly Mad but goofy on Body Language.

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re-recording queen-classics ?
hum. i don't think they should do that. there's plenty of mixes and rerecordings... just think of the versions of WWRY they did (+5ive, +JohnFarnham), the Robbie-Version of WATC, the horrible AOBTD with one of the WWRY-cast members and the even worse Vanguard-remix of flash (ok, THEY didn't do it...)...
IF they really would consider re-recordings of Queen's previous works they obviously would spend time on they Greatest Hits... and I don't think that would be worth it...!
What would be an interesting aspect was an 'Unplugged'-concert in the tradition of MTV's. There would be enough room to revisit old songs and present them in a different way (remember bri's TYMD on VH1 ?). But a commercial release of rerecorded tracks.  I won't buy that...  we're living in the age of the first single-boxset, which is disappointing enough (not the fact, that they're publishing boxsets but the low value of the content :-D)...
Let the old songs be and enjoy their presence as they are. reminding of previous rerecordings, everything what could come would be a reduction of standards. i sure like the QPR project. but it's a different cup of tea. the live performances of Q-songs are quite ok for me, but please (please!) no rerecordings. 
what would be nice was a sequel on TCR containing some aspects of queen's monumental productions (as TCR lacks of them)
so i cannot share your point of view. sorry, pal.greets.

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Fuck off "Billy-Boy".

Still wallowing in your own ramblings then........

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I am totally in favour of brand new material, new albums, new songs. I love most of the songs on TCR, so I am totally looking forward to future releases. But I wouldn't mind if they did re-record some of their old classics too along the way. I love the way Paul sings the old Queen songs (especially AOBTD, I like it a lot better than I like the original version). And it would be interesting to have something like a double album, the first cd consisting of Queen + PR re-recording some old Queen tracks and the second one comprising Free and Bad Co. songs re-recorded by Brian, Roger and John. There are versions of songs such as Wishing Well, Fire And Water, Can't Get Enough and even All Right Now that I fancy more in the live Q+PR rendition than the original versions. The album should not focus on Queen's greatest hits though. Re-recording songs such as Doin' All Right, Las Palabras De Amor, Who Needs You, Long Away or Keep Yourself Alive (and more of the very early stuff) would be a better choice (ok, I will make an exception and include a big hit: Another One Bites The Dust, recorded similar to the way they played it in 2005, waaay gloomier and darker than ever!).

I would love that, but if I were to choose between brand new material and the re-recordings, the new material would win hands down for me.

Oh and yes... why not do an "unplugged" too? None of the three ideas (i.e. new material, re-recordings, unplugged special) are mutually exclusive in the long run, after all.


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Splendid!!! (loud cheers and applauds)

Why not start with the full Queen II album?

(it absolutely meets the criteria)

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Oh god- wasn't WWRY thing in STILL BURNING pathetic enough?
The band that re-records old stuff is obviously out of ideas and have nothing new to offer...

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