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One of my business partners jokingly referred to the kind-heartedness, politeness and helpfulness of the Indian people as "Indian GPS".

When I walked alone 20 minutes to an ATM in unfamiliar Mumbai (Bombay), there were several times I stopped and asked random people for directions.  My walk was very comfortable and non-threatening, even when I had to step over a homeless man on a sidewalk that was completely covered by a blanket.  I spent the rest of my walk singing "Sleeping on the Sidewalk", while being unconcerned about the numerous stray dogs that acknowledged me, but generally kept their distance.

Similarly, when my business partners and I were on a long trip from Mumbai to Sangli (with a side trip to Panchgani), there were countless occasions where we asked for directions from a random person walking along the road.  In Sangli, there were at least ten people that helped get our car unstuck, when our car was caught between two adjacent speed bumps and on an unseen metal spike that stuck up from the road and snagged the undercarriage of the car.

Even if it means spoonfeeding, Hellzone needs more "Indian GPS".

... Dang - my subject title got deleted again, and there seems to be no way to fix it.

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You both seem racist.

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