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Hello again. This is my second request here. I am looking for a FLAC version of the Hot Space tour show from Stockholm, Sweden, April 10th 1982.

The 1st gen tape is not the version Double-U shared earlier in the year. The version he shared was a CD-R bootleg entitled "Live Under Pressure", released by the label Breakdown. While the recordng is good, it's not the best version out there. Breakdown, the label which made the recording(formerly called Gypsy Eye), applied (very bad) crackling noise and other artificial 'remastering' short: another good recording got ruined by the label. Gypsy Eye had a tendency to ruin their recordings: only a scarce few recordings were (graciously) not tampered with by that label. This was the last recording to get this treatment - they stopped wrecking their recordings after they did "Live Under Pressure".

Specifically, I am looking in particular for the version sourced from the 1st generation tape of the show.
This is the lineage: Master > 1st Gen Cassette > WAV > CDR (x) has an MP3 sample of the show, and full details about the show in general can be found here:

There's a relatively major difference in the 1st. gen tape, in comparison to the one Double-U shared some time ago in lossless form - it's free of (intentional) flaws courtesy of Breakdown. Conversely, however, it has some tape hiss. Compared to Breakdown's (mis)treatment of the recording, it's not that much a problem, in my opinion.

Some notes about the show:
-It is the second show of the Hot Space tour.
-This is the show where Freddie says "It didn't start off so f*cking well!" when Brian didn't play piano alongside Freddie's vocals at the beginning of the Save Me.
-It's got a unique keyboard/guitar improv instead of an outright guitar solo from Brian.
-It was the first time since December 4th 1979(in Newcastle, UK)  where they played Liar in full.
-This is one of the only two shows(the other one is Wembley Arena, London, UK on September 4th 1984) where Queen do a little improv of Not Fade Away before CLTCL.

Hopefully this request, like my Dortmund 05-01-82 request, will get through to anybody who has a lossless copy of this show, and is willing to share it:  either here on Queenzone, the Innuendo Lossless Hub or on Dime.

Thank you in advance to anybody who answers my humble request.