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after our visit to the youngest son(10yrs old) decided to do a project about his day out.he recorded everything from getting there at 4pm(well early).to going to the mcdonalds  over the red bridge.glasgow people will know that.he even said that while waiting outside hall 4 he saw steve davis(snooker player) go by.they were in hall 3.he put in his project everything he done that day.from going into the hall and the seats that he had.even the price of his tshirt.he came home and said the teacher said it was a good project,very well written,he told about the very bright lights,the very very lound speakers lol.and the man siting next to his mum(block m front row),who kept singing all night and waving his hands in the air.he even told in his project how when the concert was finished he could not hear for 30 mins after it lol.then.the teacher finished reading his project gave him a b.a b if you please.i said why only a b.he said because the teacher thought it was a good story.,the teacher said it lightened her night ,this story of a 10 yr old rocking to q+pr.and that someone as young as him would not like or enjoy such a loud and bright day we sent our concert pics to lol lol,have you ever seen a kid go from  b to a in 24 hours lol.and a techer going open mouthed to appologise to me and his next ttime your kid has a project.remember the pics lol.

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Great story! It's unbelievable how prejudiced some people can be. Good that you sent her the pictures. I don't find it at all hard to believe that a 10-year old kid can rock to Q+PR. The first time I fell in love with Queen I was 9 year old, so I guess it happens more often than we imagine. I'm glad that all your family had such a good time at the concert. I would like to read your child's project, if you would like uploading it here please it would be very nice.


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Maybe the B was due to grammar issues, and the A was a sympathy A...