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Third request here.

I'm interested in hearing a lossless version of the second show in Birmingham(September 1st 1984) from the 1984 Works tour. This show's an interesting one - Brian's solo is one of the shortest he has ever done(3 minutes) and also it's the last time that Queen played Sheer Heart Attack. On this tour, it was played after I Want To Break Free. This show would be the last time where the News Of The World track would be performed. For the remainder of the tour(Birmingham September 2nd 1984 up until Osaka May 15th 1985), Jailhouse Rock would be played ater IWTBF instead.

I only make this request as previous versions of this show which appeared on Queenzone are lossy-sourced.
There are two sources for this show, as per Sir GH's site entry for the show:
Source 1: AUD > Master Cassette > WAV > CDR (x)
Source 2: "Ga Ga" silver CD bootleg transferred from LP
There is an MP3 sample on, and it's from the master tape(Source 1).

I'm interested in hearing the master version primarily(that and the 08-31-84 master source), but for the sake of curiosity, I'm also interested in hearing the version from the Ga Ga silvers, just to hear how different it is in comparison to the MP3 sample on SirGH's site doesn't have much info on it apart from it's packaging and that it was originally released as a vinyl LP back in 1984-85.

As I previously stated the previous QZ shares of this show are lossy FLAC. I'm making this request to get a true lossless version for this show on QZ. So would it be possible for a true lossless version (be it the master or the Ga Ga silvers) of this show to be posted here?

Thank you in advance for hearing my request.

EDIT on December 10th 2008 - Changed subject line and the wording in the request in the inital request