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Hi, [img=][/img] December 8, 2008
Website anyone?

"The 40 Minute War" by Janet E. Morris & Christopher C. Morris, covers
of the book may be seen at that link above, along with other photos of
Mr. & Mrs. Morris then and as recent as the mid ninetees & mid 2000's.
I leave that link there for your perusal and to ask you if you have
ever seen book covers, especially #1 that appear to resemble what
eventually almost happened September 11, 2001.  How do you think the
Morris's felt when 9/11/01 happened knowing their book cover depicts a
jet ready to crash into the capital building of Washington D. C.?  
I always thought one of the reasons why 9/11/01 changed dramatically
was (get this) because of a warning beacon set up around Washington D.
C. that incorporates sending a message to the mind and no, not just
cell phone use, f.m. radio or text msg but something really
different.  Something used that was orignally designed in Russia,
communist era Russia.  
Janet & Chris Morris (this is well documented) had gone to the former
USSR and were able to experiement with psychotronics, a. k. a. "mind
control".  I don't claim to be an expert, so don't bother asking
frequency questions.  
Janet & Chris Morris have a bustling non lethal research private
business along with their book writing capabilities.
I hope you don't have to "parse" that. :-)  
Who am I?  I am their former nephew in law of 18 years and still a
volunteer for M2 Technologies Inc., Janet & Chris Morris's other
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