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I just realised you left your slippers here. Bummer!  And by now you'll be half way up the motorway on your way back to Scotland.

I found them under the xmas tree. Who knew? Shall I post them back?  They look so comfy and snug!!

Wasn't it a lovely day - what with all the jokes and your Queen rarities anecdotes. What jolly japes we shared again.

Listen, I don't want you to worry about that bottle of Baileys. That particular 'incident' could have happened to anyone!  well... most people, anyway. Put it out of your mind now. You're not to give it another thought.

Thank you for the trifle. We both truly think it's the best we've ever had. I didn't know it was possible for a man in a kitchen to achieve such wonders with sponge fingers and jelly. You will forever be known in the Brooks household as the Trifle Whiz.  There is a great deal more to you than people realise. Queen rarities, trifle, home made jam, Avon, The Clangers, and so much more.

If only those QZ-ers could have seen us today, huh. Our whole cover would be blown; that whole love hate friction thing we play. Little do they know, aye, me old mucker chum pal buddie.

Missing you already!!! We'll see you on the 29th, and yes, ok, if you insist, we'll bring the Baileys again. You naughty chum.

Will you be paying the postage????