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February 19, 2009

Kingz Of Rock Entertainment, LLC

Available for Fun Colorful Interviews

JJ Midnight at 314.448.2095

Celebrating Queen performing at the Desmond Lee Auditorium in the Delmar Loop at the 560 Music Building across from COCA
Worlds Finest Queen Tribute Promoting the Health Benefits of Singing

St. Louis, Mo. – On Friday, March 6th, 2009 at 7:30pm, Celebrating Queen with The Bohemian Rhapsody Orchestra will be making its way to the Delmar Loop at 560 Trinity Ave, facing Delmar & U-City City Hall at the 1200 seat Desmond Lee Auditorium at the Washington University 560 Music Building as part of their nationwide tour promoting the health benefits of singing. Tickets are $25 and $35 for reserved seating. To purchase tickets, please contact

Celebrating Queen is a full out 2 hour Vocal and Rock extravaganza billed as "The Worlds Foremost Tribute To The Worlds Most Popular Music, playing all of Queen's top chart busting hits with studio precision performed live with 10 voices in addition to supreme musicianship. A full chorus actually performs all of the harmonies that even Queen does not reproduce. Without Freddie Mercury, this is the best it gets to replicating the music of Queen. Kingz of Rock Productions is promoting their sound, best describing it as, "A Wall of Rock Music with a Wall of Vocals." Celebrating Queen is in the tour booking stages of taking this show all over the world, while promoting the health benefits of singing.

The audience will be given color coded programs to be distributed based on voice type with song lyrics and will sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" members of the Celebrating Queen show, while learning about why singing is such a great health decision in addition to being a source of fun and entertainment.

Audience members will have access to electronic copies of their singing experience and performance at the show as well as a souvenir program to commemorate the event.

Did you know that there are a lot of health benefits that you can get from singing? Aside from being fun and entertaining, singing is a therapeutic experience for a healthy body. Below are some health benefits:

- Gives the lungs a workout
- Good flow of oxygen to the blood system and brain
- Tones up inter-costal muscle and the diaphragm
- Posture correction and back straightening
- Stomach and bladder strengthening
- Good exercise for abdominal muscles
- Great aid to communication and breathing
- Helps reduce the feelings of depression
- Neurological improvement
- A good therapy for those who have had strokes resulting in speech impairment
- Improves confidence and discipline
- Strengthens the immune system

Lead singer and Everybody Sings creator JJ Midnight looks at it this way,
"I named this part of the program "Everybody Sings", because EVERYBODY SINGS, I'm talking to you, because you don't need to be a great musical genius or music theorist to reap the benefits from singing."

"Now we have a soft economy, and guess what ...the masses need to feel better...and singing is FREE!!!"

"We are really trying to get the folks who may be intimidated because they may feel they sound awful and get embarrassed when they sing. "It may sound awful, but in most cases, it gets better, and now because it is good for you, you should do it more, take it up as a hobby. We will show you where, how, when and why!" Even the worst karaoke singer loves to sing karaoke, and you know what, that person is getting health benefits from singing.

"I can sing, I've been blessed with this talent, but I gotta tell you, singing has saved me so many times in so many ways, so I figure this, If I'm gonna go out there in front of the people and entertain them with the gift of our Celebrating Queen, performance, then why not encourage folks by singing with them, showing and telling 'em all about how good it is for them."

"I figure a bunch of those folks will use the information we pass on and start singing again, like maybe they did in high school, 20 years ago, or at the church, or in the battle of the bands at the 1976 Apple Harvest Festival in Southington, Connecticut like I did!"

"Besides every one in the audience knows "Bohemian Rhapsody"... it's fun, it's inclusive, it's a musical bonding experience. We expect office co-workers, local choir members, karaoke queens, shower divas and family members at our show.

"Heck, we want the audience to sing along with us all night, how cool would that be?"

"Were looking at playing 500 dates in 5 - 6 years with our awesome Celebrating Queen Show, and broadcasting a 30 minute infomercial called "Everybody Sings" program in many of the TV markets we play."

JJ Midnight
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