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Posted: 04 Mar 09, 17:48 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

One of the ICC officials on the Sri Lankan tour of Pakistan has accused the Pakistani security forces of running and hiding when the shooting started, saying that he was told that he would be subject to "presidential" levels of security.

How much more warning would he have needed?

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you on about Chris Broad?
the probable reason why there were no policemen there to protect him and his buddies was probably due to the fact that 6 of them were lying in a pool of their own blood dead next to the bus..
shocking scenes on the news with the shootings and everything.I cant see how any cricketing country can go there [pakistan] now,nor for the IPL thingy next month in India,the security measures obviously arent working and can you imagine what would happen if, for arguments sake,Andrew Flintoff or Kevin Pietersen were kidnapped or killed by these religous fuckwits?
the ECB should of already of been on the phone to any English cricketer and told them to cancel any arrangements about going to that neck of the woods for the considerable future.
i wonder if im gonna need a bullet proof vest underneath my rib padding the next time i play for the Blue Anchor cricket team?

isnt innuendo an italian suppository?

im gonna ride the wild wind!

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