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I've got an assorted mix of artist(s).

Brian May - "Business"
Blackmore's Night - "I Remember You"
Aerosmith - "Deuces Are Wild"
Bruce Springsteen - My monthly dose of awesome rock and roll from 1973 -
2009 "For You" & "Human Touch", it's "My Lucky Day" in the "Badlands".
U2 - At least there is the ticket line on the horizon, with a new in person
Ticket Master at the Cape Cod Mall.
Kiss - Assorted Mix - notably, "Love Her All I Can" & "All The Way"
Queen - Assorted Mix "My Fairy King", "Las Palabras De Amor".
Queen + Paul Rodgers - Don't expect anything, listen and on the 2nd listen,
expect a huge happy grin.  "Warboys" & "Time To Shine"
W. K. Mahler - I have nothing to say but thank you. "Something About
Tomorrow", "Rip It", "Footsteps", "Sister I Believe", "Act Of Mercy" &
"Teddy's Song".
Rush - Assorted Mix "Animate"
The Who - "Baba O'Riley"
Pearl Jam - "Given To Fly" & A 3 Disc set sent to me from a gracious
Temple Of The Dog - "I'm Still Hungry"
The Corrs & Bono - "When The Stars Go Blue"
Led Zeppelin - "The Ocean" - Assorted Mix
The Calling - "Wherever You Will Go"
Van Halen - Assorted Mix, "Eagles Fly" Toronto 1995 & "Once"

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