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Posted: 25 Mar 09, 06:32 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I have a few questions about a concert which is in my opinion superior to Wembley.

How many overdubs does it have? Sometimes the camera switches to audience for no good reason so I get a little suspicious when it does that.

What happened to the last "magic" in A kind of magic, you know, the part when Freddie goes "MAGIC, MAGIC, MAGIC" ? The last "magic" only has Roger's vocals, but you can clearly see that Freddie sings it too.

I know the concert is speed up, so I use a DVD player with which I can adjust the speed and pitch. I'm not an audio expert, so I don't know how to set them right. At the moment I have speed at 96% and pitch on -1 (default is 0), is that OK?

When can we expect an official release in full length?

btw.: Has anybody else noticed that before Who wants to live forever? something flies onto the stage (it looks like a cup of water) and then some guy runs over the stage to pick it up? :D

Thanks for answers!