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Did you see Queen perform all those years ago? What a fantastic day. A big deal for us. A teenage landmark. I went with my boyfriend (now husband ) we were both 16 and loved that long hot summer but especially the amazing spectacle of a band ....( probably in those days called a group ) that we were obsessed with . Travelled alone from the sticks without our parents knowledge. Little fishes in such a massive pond but felt perfectly safe . Hadn't thought about it for years but I remember the scale of it vividly strange that I was not terrified with 150/200 thousand people swarming around, quite happy to nip off to the loo and not worry about finding my way back?  We were really early arriving so were quite near the front lapping up the atmosphere. There were 'Jimmy Hendrix died this day' baloons on posts, were they shaped pigs or have I imagined that? I remember how relaxed it was, people even sat down to watch unless they wanted a can or bottle aimed at them. Queen, Kiki Dee, who else was there? Was it Supercharge?

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Interesting first post - welcome to QueenZone beware there are some very interesting and rich characters at play here - but 90% of the time it tends to make for some engaging reading and posting.  As you can see I've not been posting for too long but have been around in the background for a much longer time.

Must admit to being so jealous of what must have been a fantastic opportunity to see Queen when you did.  Although I followed the band from '74 my opportunity to see then live first time wasn't until '86.  So many lost opportunities.  Question - what track/song stands out for you from the 'original' Hyde Park performance and why?  Just interested.