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I know this is probably treading over old ground but the Miracle 20 years post actually made me think how sad it is that Queen have missed so many opportunities to celebrate their back catalogue.

2005 - 30th Anniversary of A Night At The Opera and we get a remastered CD release with a bonus DVD which was rather poor but a nice idea. A good documentary release and remastered vinyl - all very nice

2007 - A promo CD single of We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions which was a pretty poor way to acknowledge News Of The World

2009 - A free CD in the Mail on Sunday promoting Live Killers which was more of a promotional tool for the musical.

Next year sees the 30th anniversary of The Game and surely this album deserves a special edition 2 disc set. It was criminal to ignore the 30th anniversary of Sheer Heart Attack especially as so many bands have cited this album as a major influence and favourite.
Springsteen showed how anniversary releases should be done with Born To Run which was a fantastic collection so why don't Queen take a leaf out of his book and do something of equal excellence. I'm not saying I want a making of DVD with every re-issue but a bonus CD of single remixes, rare tracks and demos and new liner notes written by someone who has sufficient knowledge to know what they are talking about.
I know its a dream world to desire these kind of releases but QPL don't seem interested in listening to what fans really want. It's a shame because a back catalogue like this deserves respect but instead we will probably get another Greatest Hits compilation which just strikes me as pointless.