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Freddie gets mentioned in the review of "Taking of Pelham 123" by Andrew O'Hehir in
Here is the excerpt:

Why did I think that Travolta's character looked totally gay? Was it the jokes about prison sex? Were his hair and clothes triggering an unconscious homophobic reaction? And then it hit me. The 'stache, the chest, the hair, the cocky, rooster swagger -- Travolta, at least in this role (and maybe more generally) has turned into Freddie Mercury! And that made me all wistful, because if Freddie were still with us, and starring in some cracked Tony Scott movie where he gets awesome wireless reception in a subway tunnel and shoots a bunch of people in between verses of "Bohemian Rhapsody," we would have a somewhat more interesting world than the one that produced this piece of disposable crap.

Funny huh? You can read the full article here: