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as many of you know this was a bit special for me....50 the same day....but as the months rolled on it felt strange,i began to remember less and less of the concert..
now when you go to a concert it stays in the mind for a long time...but not this time..
i think i was so worried the kids(first concert),and my wife were enjoying it..
sort of.are you lot ok,can you see,not to loud for you..
taking pictures and trying to stay low(the girl behind me was small lol.
and now when someone asks me about it,all i can say is..yes i think i enjoyed it..
if not for you tube.grahame.and marknow...the concert would be gone from my mind..
it may seem strange to the younger people on here,but when you are with a family on a night out.all that matters is that they are happy..
best memories are.......steve davis walking past me before the concert started(snooker in the hall next door).going in thinking good seats,,concert starting..some bastard standing in front of me during 39...(take yer drink and sit down fool)..shouting,the cosmos rocks,,,,,,,,stamping my feet to wwry...then ann(mrs m),saying lets go now before the rush after god save the queen..
i waited over 25 years to see queen again..and it was sposed to be special.
a magic birthday pressy from the wife and kids,and a special night for them..but.......
all i can do now is sit and watch,you tube and listen to grahamsĀ  flac in the car...
so if it seems i am a pain in the arse asking for various clips,or sorry..
mrs galashiels,and the kids remember the whole sodding
i just am happy to say i was there.(i think)..
dont will happen to you.....
take care all.

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That's the reason I film the concerts I visit.

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To be fair David, I've been having the same thing happen with regards to the Vancouver 2006 show happen to me (for instance, I can remember moments like the Mexican style dance during "Let There Be Drums" and "Red House" - although I wasn't familiar with that song back then, oddly enough - but I also can't remember moments like the performance of "The Show Must Go On"!), and the near complete lack of clips and recordings really hurts things more. And I'm only 23 now - I was 19 going on 20 (only two days away then!) when I saw them live.

And I didn't even have my recording equipment until a year later, Edirol and all :-(
I was so pissed when I realized Q+PR weren't coming back here for the Cosmos Rocks tour, despite what Hollywood Records said in their initial Press Release for TCR! Especially considering I was looking forward to trading with Mr. Scully for his recordings too :-(

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Hi David,

I was at the SECC too... it remains patchy for me as well, funnily enough I remember more of seeing Roger in Glasgow's Garage in the 90s... but I still know it is the best live music event that I can recall in my 30 years of life.

I brought (and paid for) a non-Queen-fan friend to join me, who still to this day says it was the best concert he's EVER been to as well. Before that he had seen u2 at Hampden and he said there was no comparison in terms of a "good night's entertainment"... which is what it's all about it is not? Strange, but i too was trying to make sure he was enjoying the show just as much as me lol... I wouldn't have lived it down if he had told the rest of our mates they were crap ha ha

The next day he was asking me for '39, and he says it's in his most played list on his ipod these days.

I vividly remember Love Of My Life, and Brian's wee speech before it for our "mums" lol.

I'll be honest though, I can't remember much of Paul from that night, but loads of Brian and Roger (and freddie), but that's not to say I didn't enjoy his singing and performance... I only remember that he was less at ease than the rest of them, but it is still a privelege to have seen Paul sing as he is a great vocalist.

Really looking forward to hopefully just Bri and Rog doing a tour, maybe of smaller venues. They surely need to tour the new Queen Absolute Greatest Album material .-)