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Non lethal weapons headed to Libya

Boston Globe told me so. August 15, 2009, Saturday
Washington DC won't say who or what.
.....M2 Technologies Inc......
Of course, I won't say what was written 9/11/01.
Just a man, with a mans courage
No one but the pure at Queen, "Flash".
Joe Biden, going once, Joe Biden going twice.
Erin, wherever your father is in heaven, rest in peace.
Maria on the wind, a scream between Duffy & DJ's.
Loud enough but keeping calm.

OBAMA Nation is in town and Tropical Storm Bill is coming to visit the north 
How close is anyones guess.
Dustin, "rock you like a hurricane".
Keep the wild card going man.

The Black Spot Cafe has open microphone night, Wednesdays, sign up is free.

CAD & Co., meet "Bill Mahler & The NetBud Band" - I don't know.

Serious blues in Falmouth, Eric, John, Kevin, Bill, or some formation of a 
lineup in  a few weeks.  Only time will tell.

Me, policy making, okay Edward Kennedy Jr. on board?
Disability law groups?

This is a musty dusty ol room where the dawg can come in, the owner can come 
in but how about you?

Richard, did you ever read "Poor People"?

Vanessa, the whole world is watching - analogy.  Just you baby.
It's in the PALM of your hands.
Officer, why is it good that I have no children?
Grow up, let go and let God.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can you do for your 
country. - JFK, 1963.

MK-ULTRA - thought broadcasting or just plain ol memory of the past, present 
and future.

President Obama, if you care about your children, quit smoking cigarettes 
and include a revision in your health care plan that simply put.  "You must 
present your health care card ID when at any store in order to purchase 
cigarettes"  "Meaning, interpreted as, if you smoke, you lose your health 
insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, meaning new ID's.
That's not to be mean sir, it's so I will quit smoking cigarettes."

Yes, I do want to be with Mrs. Morris.
Caroline, you are beautiful, may your brother always rest in peace, JFK Jr.

Who's idea is it to make me President of the United States?

Senator Ted, your cancer, your memory, I hope your stories are written and 
sir, your neighbor is fantastic as a double.

Brandon,  Def Leppard and your "boss".  - Nuff said.
Cameron, start cooking breakfast with me and the omeletes are awesome!.
Cameron, nobody wants the NTSC of "Breathless In Paris" June 29, 1985 yet.
I did not write in The Bong Store.  Someone else took it and "ran with it".

Bernie, peace to you and you have changed.
Peter, Paul, George, Robbie, Paul, Peter, Matt, Bill, Sandy & Christmas 
Trees,  what a blast it was in my face, with a rock in my nose from 
weedwhacking.  I'm just a man, who am I to think, an apple ruined by a line 
trimmer like a Claymore going off in a northerly direction is the equation 
of nearly 75 dead in the Middle East the same Friday.

Or was that in India?

Sue, find me, you know how.  Done over and nobody equates.
Rough drafts indeed. :-)

I'm gonna follow your footsteps, I'm gonna make my own footsteps. - W. K. 

Well since I was at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver prayer ceremony....

That's what I would've told you sir.
(Remembering Vice President Joe "Just A Man" Biden's curly hair.)



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