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Sorry for the previous blank message.

This post is intended for the kind of fan who wants to know EVERYthing Queen-related.
A few years back I introduced Utada Hikaru to the people of Queenzone when there was a thread about covers, I believe. She is a huge star in Japan, and her debut album is the best selling album of all time in Japan, going 32 x platinum (over 8 million copies). She has cited Freddie Mercury as one of her idols, and Freddie/Queen references have popped up a few times in her career.

Here she is, at 17, with a cover of Freddie's Living on My Own from her Bohemian Summer 2000 DVD:

In 2004, she released an English-language album called Exodus. On the song Animato, she references Freddie towards the end. (This wasn't released as a single, so the video isn't official.)

In 2008, she released a Japanese single called Prisoner of Love. True, there are several songs with that title, including one from 1931 with the line "I'm just a prisoner of love" -- the same line she uses in her song -- but I like to think that she was more influenced by the line in One Year of Love.

In 2009, she released another English-language album called This is the One. She references Freddie again, and that solo single of his, in the song This One (Crying like a Child):

She's headed towards a more R&B sound, but hopefully she can continue to throw in those little bits of Queen and Freddie.

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Yeah, she did a great cover of Living On My Own. I'm not really into her music but I saw her cover of Boulevard Of Broken Dreams too somewhere and it wasn't bad either.

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