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Hey guys,

What had me pumped up in anticipation to The Cosmos Rocks, more than the music I listened to, was the new studio pictures of Brian, Roger and Paul. They as a whole did seem like something new, with a cool image, something I could even see on MTV, VH1, etc.


My point is I had all these images in my head of possible video concepts. Nothing too elaborate. Just the average "cool video" with the band performing on one stage and another "story" going on somewhere else, cut to one, cut to the other, etc.

Think about the following. Hopefully someone will do fan made videos for some of these songs.

C-lebrity: Cut from Q+PR's performance to the obvious images of TV made starlets or people looking creepily "happy", moving robotically in fast motion. Think Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" meets "American Idol".

Warboys: Take clips from movies like "Jarhead" or even freaking "Transformers" (awful story, great slow motion!). Q+PR walking in the desert a bit like Oasis' "Who feels love" video, then performing on a stage in the desert.

I can think of many others...

Still, even if they did something like this probably the Torpedo Twins would have been involved and they would have found a way to put Freddie's image over the sky or something tacky like that :S.


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yep,they [the band/management] could of easily done a 'big brother'/x-factor style video for C-lebrity with wannabes [old big bro rejects] acting out the lyrics in various stages,maybe even getting Fearne Cotton involved in a Davina type scenario in a big brother house

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