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I remeber watching this programe a few times on VH1 Classic. It is presented by some American guy. Atleast Queen are in it however as always this list was a bit contriversial. At No.10 is the legendary Australian Hard Rock Group AC/DC, No.9 was the founder of Heavy Metal Black Sabbath, either Punk Rock Group The Clash or Irish Pop/Rock group U2 was in #8 or #7. Queen were at No.6 and were hardly mentioned.
So Who is above Queen, one of the most successful groups, classic and talented groups ever and one of the most influential and legendary Rock groups ever was beaten to 5th Place by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The Guy presenting programe said how shocking it is to have only one American BAND in the list. B and the E Street Band better than Queen!!!! I Don't think so, #4 Pink Floyd, #3 The Who, #2 Led Zeppelin and #1 The Rolling Stones, I would prefer to see Dire Straits, Rush, Yes in there ect. I think Queen Should have been higher.

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Well, the list also excludes the Beatles...personally I don't think the E Street Band deserves a top 10 accolade. I'd switch them with Deep Purple. I don't care about Queen's position among the top 6 because other than the order, if you just switch the E Street Band with Deep Purple, that's my top 6 as well. I also think that would be the absolute and most logical Top 6 from an irrefutable, neutral point of view.

Many people will be rolling eyes at the exclusion of the Beatles. Although they're not my cup of tea, I have to admit, they were immensely talented. I wouldn't want to break up my Top 6 and would rather tie them with the Rolling Stones, regardless of position.

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Huh.  Boy you guys might actually want to listen to a Bruce Springsteen album. 

There's a reason the NFL hasn't called Roger and Brian.  Watch Bruce live sometime.  Then ask yourself what artist puts more into their performance than Bruce?  Seriously.  I've never seen anything like it.

While I love Yes, there would simply be too many award statues to hand out to the band.  And then Bill Bruford would bitch about it on his website.  Ha!