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Good evening Queenzoners!

As promised, here is a torrent of the Jazz Final show which Olivier just shared here :

First, Olivier's notes :

No indication of any label

Saporro 06th May 1979 + It's Late as bonus from Sapporo, 05th May 1979

Lineage : Jazz Final (silvers) -> Wav (EAC) -> Flac (Trader's Little Help Level 8)
Tracklisting :

CD1 :
01. We Will Rock You
02. We Will Rock You (fast)
03. Let Me Entertain You
04. Somebody To Love
05. If You Can't Beat Them
06. Death On Two Legs - Killer Queen - Bicycle Race - I'm In Love With My Car
07. Get Down Make Love
08. You're My Best Friend
09. Now I'm Here
10. Teo Torriatte
11. Don't Stop Me Now
12. Dreamer's Ball
13. Love Of My Life
14. '39

CD2 :
01. Fat Bottomed Girls
02. Brighton Rock
03. Keep Yourself Alive
04. Bohemian Rhapsody
05. Tie Your Mother Down
06. Jailhouse Rock
07. Sheer Heart Attack
08. We Will Rock You
09. We Are The Champions
10. God Save The Queen

Bonus track :
11. It's Late

Now, the notes from Queenlive and Queenconcerts included in Olivier's announce thread :

Comments on the show from :
"This is the final show of the Jazz tour. Freddie's vocal range is still lacking (although he has had worse shows), but he makes up for any shortcomings with passion. There are many great moments in this show, like when Freddie throws in a few lines from Liar into the Now I'm Here vocal exchange with the audience. Even though it's the last show of their longest tour yet, the band are still a force to be reckoned with. The version of If You Can't Beat Them is one of the best.
The Japanese audience is a very enthusiastic one, as Freddie notes after Now I'm Here, "You're a rowdy lot tonight."
At many points during the show, Freddie thanks various people for their hard work over the past 6+ months. After Teo Torriatte, when he recognizes tour manager Gerry Stickells and his group, in the background Roger says, "Geriatrics", which Freddie finds greatly amusing. A long version of Don't Stop Me Now follows, with an extended middle section including a lot of shouting out from Roger who sure is "having himself a real good time."
Before '39, Brian introduces Freddie as "your friendly maraca salesman."
Freddie's Brighton Rock introduction is one for the ages: "It's supper time right now, and John, Roger, and Brian are gonna do their stuff. This is... are we ready, girls?"
Fat Bottomed Girls returns to the setlist for the last night's sake, and like the last night in Paris, they play Jailhouse Rock in the encore which leads straight into Sheer Heart Attack.
Freddie does the Fun It reference one last time during the intro of Keep Yourself Alive.
Tonight would be the last time they'd play We Will Rock You at the beginning of the show with the stomp-stomp-clap on tape (the A Day At The Races overture then plays, after which Brian launches the band into the fast We Will Rock You). These are also the final performances of Bicycle Race, Dreamers Ball, It's Late, Brighton Rock, and the full Keep Yourself Alive.
The ending of Brighton Rock would be heard after Brian's guitar solo through London '80, and again during the Works tour in 1984-85. Through 1981, Keep Yourself Alive would merge into Roger's tympani solo, and it would be resurrected for The Works tour as part of a medley of songs from the first three albums. "
Bob had a lot to say about this show !!

Comments from :
"Nice bootleg with Queen's last Japan concert in 1979. Complete concert.  "It's Late" is taken from the previously day concert, same venue."
But this could very well be an error, as Bob says on his website about this specific recording : "It's Late was originally tagged onto the end as a bonus track (allegedly from the first night as the cover suggests, but it's actually from this show since the quality is identical), " I must say I haven't checked myself nor compared to the recording from the previous night. The fact the quality is the same could also mean that both shows were recorded with the same gear and in the same conditions, therefore that another recording from the previous night exists somewhere, in  the same quality than this one ? A different source than the only source known for the previous night ? I don't know, please experts explain your thoughts !!
He also says : "This is one the longest Queen shows ever. The recording clocks in at 127 minutes with the speed corrected (it ran a half-semitone too slow) - and note that the cheering between encores is cut."
So a speed correction could be done here (and shared ?). Unless someone has a copy of the original source, lossless, with the encores uncut ? I don't know if that one has circulated. That would solve the "It's Late" problem !

Size : 650 MB  Contains artwork!

Good download and enjoy, losslessly :)


You will need a bittorrent client to download the music. For additional information, view the Bittorrent FAQ.

Please leave your window open when you have finished downloading so that other Queen fans can download.

This file will be customized for you when you download

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Many thanks, Ginger01. Many, many thanks, as always. You're the hero.

PS: To "on my way up": Yara 1 x 1 Winrar. ; -)))

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Ginger, you're the star of this forum !!
Many thanks for the torrent !



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please yara, seed for me!!!!!