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Roger Taylor, the drummer of Queen has been invited for an interview in BBC Breakfast recently (11/6/2009), where he talked among others about Adam Lambert and possible future cooperation with him.
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The full interview is below, the Adam-part starts at 7:47 and ends around 8:45. Find also the transcript below the video.

BBC: American Idol: Queen played effectively and.. did you discover a replacement for Freddie Mercury during this show? there were a lot of speculations about one of the contestants.
Roger Taylor, Queen: Well, you are very well informed. No, we didn’t discover a replacement for Freddie , never we could do that. We did play in the finale of American Idol with the two final guys, one of whom is called Adam BOLTON (SIC!). He didn’t actually win, he only got 49 millions of votes, I think but he is one of the most phenomenal singers and I think at some point in the future we’d love to – Brian and I (who are basically Queen – you know.. what’s left) would like to do something with him maybe. It may happen – we might do something with him in the future. He is phenomenally talented. He has one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard.

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You know, one has to ask the sad question at this point...

Would Adam Lambert even WANT to be the lead singer of a re-re-formed Queen? It's not exactly a high-exposure role in the modern music world, and it's almost a no-win scenario for him. Even if he blows everyone (including us) away with how great he is in the role, he's still "the guy who replaced the guy who replaced Freddie Mercury." Not exactly something to hang your hat (not to mention your career) on.

For that reason, more than anything else, I sincerely doubt that any project involving Adam Lambert and Queen would be more substantial than a one-off charity show, maybe with a single release and a cover of an old Queen song accompanying it. That said, I'd bet Brian and Roger would love to officially add Lambert as the new lead singer, just for the massive boost in publicity it'd bring.

If the guys really want to add a new lead singer for the purposes of touring again, they'd probably have to find some B-level talent who's got a capable set of vocal chords and is a big enough fan of the band to take the flak that would inevitably come along with the role. Someone like...Jeff Scott Soto?

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they're going to make the QUEEN bite the dust.

shame on them

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Taken completely out of context and the comment should not even have been entertained.
The media sure has a way of adding hype, spurious brainwashing and control.........
I’d rather see Queen+ with Adam Boulton or Christopher Lambert (note the pun and sarcasm), thank you.

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Adam Lambert vs Christopher Lambert
There can be only one

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I am an 'old rocker' and ***no one could replace Freddie***.  I think as a from day one Queen fan that it would be fine for Adam to hook up with Roger and Brian to share their songs for the entertainment value of what talent is all about. They all three have their own path but it would be awsome for them to perform together. The memories and tears I shed for Freddie's short life would not change how I admired him as a gentleman, multi talented, and when Freddie died so did Queen in that mind set.  I adore all four of them equal. But as Freddie sang 'The show must go on'. I feel he would want his close band member friends to move on in whatever direction that made them happy, they and God only knows how they went on from the sadness and suffering from losing their friend.