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good evening queen fans across the world.

i've recently come to own a small collection of original queen tour t-shirts from the 1980's, some are clearly better than others in terms of size, condition etc, and some have just the most superb prints on.

there's two that i'm particularly fond of, one is an original 1982 world tour t-shirt, white with red ringer tipping to the cuff and crew-neck, full tour dates on the back and a cartoon drawing of a buxom lady on the front, with the words 'QUEEN NEEDS YOU'.

the second is from the 1986 We Will Rock You tour (german leg), this particular t-shirt has the blue/red/yellow cartoon drawings on the front, and the support artists too - marillion, gary moore, level 42. on the back are the three german dates of the tour.

the t-shirts are both excellent small sizes, and the 1986 WWRY tee is in sparkling condition.

now, i'm not a collector and would really value the opinions of those who know and are passionate about such articles most, so, does anyone have any idea about how much these tees could fetch in the right place, and if so, what/where would be the right place?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks.

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The prices of shirts vary a lot!

The 1982 one: From my point of view one of the nicest tour shirts (design wise) - and trust me, I've seen a lot and have a lot of them as well. But it is not really rare. Usually you should be able to fetch $50 for this on eBay. Although I've also seen them go for $25. It's all about 3 things: the right place at the right time with the right fool.

The 1982 one: Way less rare and much seen on eBay, these usually fetch around $30 but I've also seen them go for more and also for less. So again there is no real way in telling the exact values for these items.

I would say, I hope this helps... But I guess this really isn't much of a help... But all there is are estimates.


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The fan club were still selling the 1986 one about 6 years ago, so if anyone's getting more than $10, then someone's getting taken...