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This is a very hard one to make because it's quite tricky to tell from a photo (especially if the logo's been customised not to feature the brand name), unlike guitars (where you can differ a Les Paul from a Strat very easily), let alone sound.


Mostly Ludwig of course, from beginning to end.


1972: Perhaps Hayman, since they were housed at Trident and it'd be a frequent case that they'd have to use whatever was set in the studios if they only had a couple of hours to record before the cleaner arrived.

1977: Slingerland (at least the snare)

1978: Gretsch (which was then housed at Mountain and used for many of the recordings there)

1979: Trixon (housed at Musicland)

Some time around or before 1981: Premier

1986: Yamaha 9000

MIH: DW and Sleishman

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Regarding the Ludwig kits they were all Maple or later on 'Classic Maple' kits mostly made specifically for Roger in terms of sizes.

Finishes included
Matt Black
Black wrap cortex
Silver Sparkle
Maple (varnished)

Although Ludwig always made big sizes Roger's kits were some of the biggest they made including 18"x 26" bass drums and even at one time a 15"x15" hanging tom

His most regular sizes were
16x26 bass
8x10 tom
13x13 tom
14x14 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x18 floor tom
6  x 14 snare (wooden)

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