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From March 31, 2009 to  sometime in the middle of November of 2009, I worked 5-6 days a week I was given unasked vacation for one week during the mid of this past November 2009.  I returned to work in November as a landscaper after that one week, celebrated my 42nd birthday sometime during all that recent past week and managed to not get seriously hurt up till this past Monday December 14, 2009 at the same company I worked for since March 2008 as a landscaper.
I'm finally tending the lawn at home today, the last comfortable day of December 2009 before real snow comes to the Mid Cape Cod area of Massachusetts, New England, Sunday December 20, 2009.  Unemployment is filed and I'm told I'll have 1/2 of my regular pay as benefits from Unemployment weekly so long as I file/report every Sunday and look for work.
The health care industry is quite visible at and I was a certified Home Health Aide, taught by the VNA, Visiting Nurses Association of Cape Cod before the turn of the century as well as a CNA,
Certified Nurses Aide Trainee where Epoch of Brewster, MA. is now.
Alas,  I'd love to continue on my career paths but for now, to keep up with the subject, I've had 3 days off and I'm not done "working" at home.
Anyone need private duty care from an independent private guy?
No complaints.
I can't get over how single I am too, that's a good thing.
Please don't forget to listen to me Christmas song, "Merry Christmas To You" and enjoy the 5 songs also there.  The Needy Fund of Cape Cod, via is there for you to "put your dollar into" for listening to my all original compositions via my MySpace.Com player.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
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so I invite you to my house, listen to your christmas song .........notgoing to happen