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Greetings all!

I hope that the holiday season so far has been good to you, like me, you
deserve it!

Get coal in your stocking this year?  Pfffttt.....burn that rock, it'll keep
ya warm....LOL that's the bright side of it.

What did you get for Christmas?  Better yet, what did you give for

Socks, long johns, cookies, homemade fudge, jeans, jeans and more jeans, new
hat, AC/DC "High Voltage" t-shirt, neck tie, waterproof boots and a huge
heaping pile of roast beef w/mashed potatoes along with one too many coca

Most importantly, I got to spend some time w/family.

As for what I gave.....geez...if I had to guess the amount of hours I spent
sending out "Merry Christmas To You" the MP3 links, I put in a full day.

Did I do anything nice for anyone?  That there is one answer I don't
remember.  I suppose I'm not supposed to but I am sure I did.

Despite all the "rambling" "blogging" of this and that, I really have not
been out "on the town" since this past about you?

2009 was my 1st full year as a divorced adult (it became final during March

...I have to back up to Thanksgiving '09 for a bit....the 1st Christmas gift
I received was a bit 'o news concerning my (well was mine, in heart and
soul, still is mine but..) old friend, Oscar T. Mahler,
a Maine Coon Cat that my ex has.

As if almost on cue, when chatting with my niece o'er by Longfellows in
South Yarmouth, awaiting my bro, Troy to get out of the market there, I told
her I missed Oscar and would love to hear something - anything about him.

Wouldn't you know it?  Within about 30 seconds after that, my ex's
boyfriends brother rode up on his bike and after some initial niceness and
the obvious question about Oscar, I learned he is alive and well.


Work ended almost 2 weeks ago, it's where I've spent
a vast amount of time for the last 2 yrs.  Too cold out there is the main
reason the season ended but I kept looking after.

I learned that is the next best thing out
there for free, (almost) no hassles classifieds and I have spent waaaaay too
much time there looking for work, a date etc.

Whoever that is in Bourne selling herself for $200-an belong
in the bunny ranch o'er in Nevada!

I moved twice this year, from Hyannis where my landlord could pick me apart
for all the wrong reasons, despite how nice I could be.

The next landlord was and still is awesome but I did move from West Yarmouth
to South Dennis recently.  Reason being is, I can "crank the tunes" and get
away with practically anything here, so long as I keep the place neater than
neat!  I've had my ears just about ripped off by the screams of displeasure
simply by leaving some dirt in the dish rack.  I'm residing with a woman,
near my age, her home, not mine, I rent here, plain and simple :-)
Honestly, I'd luv my own pad, studio etc. especially something near the
ocean.  She's been a good friend of mine since 1984 :-)

Other than far so good.

I found some really excellent quality efforts by locals regarding Cape Cod
based websites.... , and
all free to blog, post music, videos, photos, classifieds etc.

2009 comes to a close with a sad ending to The Black Spot Cafe of 10 Ocean
Street, Hyannis, .  For reasons I'm not to
clear on, they closed down and are unlikely to re-open anytime soon,
especially not where it once was.  Good luck Micah Power, former owner, you
are a great host and a great person and a great guitarist.

Regarding health, I'm really surprised that overall, other than a few tick
bites, sniffles and general soreness, I'm quite good in that department.

Cape Cod Community College, best 'o luck to ya, I learned in 2 weeks there
that I could learn the same things for free, from home and via the internet.

Sooo as for New Years, it's 9:47 PM EST and so far, no date for me and I do
want one too.

The horizon seems to be that New Years will be me, 2 cats, my housemate,
some tequila, music and food but honestly, I'd much rather be out and about

I'm not gay, so guys out there whom are, pass on to the next person, I'm not
interested, thank you.

For you single ladies out there, here I am, here we are...(sort of) :-)

BTW, I'm up to helping those in need, I can do practically anything, so find
me, this is the best way!  A cup of coffee or a soda, would be nice, but I
don't expect anything in return.



W. K. Mahler
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