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The Queen is the band's cover of Portguese BLITZ' magazine in January.

In one of the challenges of more complicated resolution in living memory, only one
reader - that we realized - you guessed it was Freddie
Mercury's hands, we have come as a clue. Even today one
of the most beloved bands of the Portuguese public, the
Queen vanished with the death of Freddie Mercury. Behind
us we have distinct phases of a career that, between 1977
and 1982, reached a dizzying peak. That golden age of
English who remember the epic aera the sound of "two
bangs on the floor and a round of applause" - the
collective beating of the feet and pop the meat in the
meat. The sound that echoed the Wessex Studios in London
was hypnotic and primitive features. And while that
summer of 77 to Fri Pistols were closed in Studio B
working on that would become Never Mind The Bollocks ...
, One of the most notorious and controversial rock bands
of the English was next door in the hall of Gothic church
which was the Studio A. The members of Queen were,
depending on which one tells the story, or sitting on a
piano beat with his feet on a tower of drums, or wooden
boards gathered outside studio. No one is quite sure.
Whatever the tools at their disposal, 15 takes later, the
Queen agreed with the rhythm of what would become one of
their most enduring songs, "We Will Rock You". Even the
neighbors were newcomers intrigued by the presence of
rock royalty. "The Fri Pistols came to talk with us,"
recalls now Brian May, guitarist of Queen. "My God, I
remember like it was yesterday. I talked about music with
John Lydon, who seemed very polite - and, of course, was
the talk of the legendary Freddie Mercury with Sid
Vicious." In the mythology of rock is engraved a brief
exchange of words between the "enfant terrible" of the
Pistols and the colorful singer of Queen. It is said that
Vicious asked "Ah, Freddie Mercury, continuous aiming to
bring ballet to the masses, huh?". And the immediate
response of Mercury: "Oh yes, Mr. Ferocious, dear, do our
best." And if the same band of people to join Led
Zeppelin, Foo Fighters / Nirvana and Queens of the Stone
Age? The result are the THEM CROOKED VULTURES, super-
group born in the dreams of Dave Grohl. Lia Payne spoke
with former colleague of Kurt Cobain about everything and

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i'll buy it!