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For every star in the sky, there’s a story waiting to be told by a Queen fan. The topics are nearly as infinite as the celestial bodies, such as how their music has helped you through hard times, how you made a pilgrimage to London, Montreux, or elsewhere (even a live show), experiences at a convention, making a friend through Queen, meeting a member of the band, etc… ‘BOHEMIAN RHAPSODIES: True Tales by Queen Fans & Celebrities’ will be a compilation of fan written prose and poetry, original artwork, and photos, along with anecdotes from celebs who have worked with the band or cited them as an influence.

Sure, there are websites “out there” with bits and pieces of this material, but until now there has been no single definitive source that brings it all together. Nan Lawniczak and Robyn Sherman-Dunford aim to do just that! These two longtime and dedicated Queen fans have a great deal in common – including having met all four original band members (but that’s their story to tell) and having given their time and talents to numerous “Queen causes”. Through their latest endeavor, “BOHEMIAN RHAPSODIES” they have found a way to bring together fans worldwide while supporting Queen’s own Mercury Phoenix Trust, which will receive 100% of all net proceeds from this unique book.

To date, submissions for the book have been received from the UK and US, France, Holland, Brazil, and Ukraine. This charity project will truly reflect Queen’s international appeal as it showcases work from their loving, loyal, inspiring, intelligent, and generous fans spread out across the globe. If you would like to take part, please go to for guidelines and tips. You can also sign up for the mailing list there so you’ll be notified when the book is published.

Through your participation in the “BOHEMIAN RHAPSODIES” book you will be able to become a part of the legacy of the Absolute Greatest Rock Band on Earth! Please, take a little time to share YOUR story, and in doing so, help the MPT make life a little better for people around the world.

To submit your story and support the Mercury Phoenix Trust go to

This project has been officially endorsed by Queen and their management.