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Posted: 28 Feb 10, 04:58 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I really feel that a boxset with shows from the seventies would be an amazing product.

Based on the info we have, i'd pick the following shows to be included:

- Rainbow 31/03/1974: complete show
- something from A night at the opera or A day at the races but for us die-hards I feel that's less important for two reasons: we have Boston 30/01/76 and for A day at the races they should release a DVD of Earls Court.
- NOTW: the London'78 shows were properly recorded, just release the best one, i'd say. I'd also like something from US'77, LA 22/12/1977 is on top of my list (check out that setlist!!)
- Live Killers: they could easily make a box of only LK-shows so maybe better release the best Crazy tour recording they have (When reading Greg's book you get the impression they have some Crazy tour stuff in the vaults...).

Apart from such a box Hammy'75 DVD, Hyde Park'76, Earls Court'77 and a live killers footage box are essential products.

also, why not release some raw soundboards via the website?

I hope some of all this happens within the following 5 years:-)

Only then music fans around the globe will really know how great Queen were as a live band!

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Posted: 01 Mar 10, 04:24 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

sounds great; really

live boxset, soundboard downloads (they SHOULD have tested this option with the QPR gigs!!), etc etc

let´s hope these are amongst the many interesting ideas Greg said the guys are considering before releasing the anthologies in the future.

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Posted: 01 Mar 10, 17:33 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

the "many interesting ideas that Greg and the band are considering will include

SHOCK - another QPR live dvd
SHOCK - absolute greatest II (cd) to include solo hits - from Brian/Roger (short tracklisting) - no Freddie Tracks
SHOCK - another singles boxset
SHOCK - an incisive and informatively error-strewn book, it'll have more pictures than words.....but will still have at least one major error per page (on average)
and finally....a real dig around the archives will reveal a never beofre package...
SHOCK - Hot Space 2012 (30th anniversary edition) include WOW!!!! - 12" mixes of backchat and dancer

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