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Dear Janet & Chris.
I cannot hold you responsible for your own actions against Leonda March 2003 and you  both slitting her wrists.  The evil of September 11, 2001 crashed upon us all, Troy being the force of hatred towards us and his object was none other than Leonda and I, our daughter, daughter of Alan & Colleen Magnus, age young friends of mine.  If you've been to and thought the murder of Hitler was bad, imagine the complete brutalization of Siobhan then under 18 and virginal.
Janet & Chris she is the near perfect emobidement of Leonda and I, especially Leonda, no doubt at all.
So it is with my pride to tell you Janet & Chris, founding member I am of M2 Technologies Inc., when Siobhan decides to take over Mrs. Chandlers position, it is hers no questions asked effective immediatly.
Earlier today, since I'm a founding member of the band Queen, have humbly contracted for both Queens Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon, Siobhan Magnus & I as musicians under contract, pending all agreements, simply "yes".  
Janet & Chris, it was Queen on terra firma in the area the day that Leonda was murdered and it was Alan Magnus that along with James William Mahler whom took care of Leonda that day and it was you who did this to her, September 11, 2001 got to you as it did to me for if I had any power, Siobhan would've walked away extremely upset regarding Leonda but relatively unscathed.
The Newest Member Of Queen Is Siobhan Magnus
We will rebuild every day, 'tis why I have also granted not only Siobhan Magnus, her, our daughter that I know "Apple" also known as Siobhan totaly usage of my present ASCAP registered works for the rest of each of their lives.  Please note, Alex Lambert of also, now a former contestent of American Idol, due to his choice of the song "Trouble" dedicated to Siobhan and the day of 2003, he too gets total usage of my ASCAP catalog.
All I can ask if there is any justice for Leonda, #1 any and all earnings known as inheritence for me goes directly to Leonda at will, of her choosing, cash, credit etc. effective immediatly as well as for Siobhan Magnus too.  Come to think of it, me too, William Keith Mahler.
Most importantly Janet & Chris, I want to experience your handshakes and smiles in person sooner than yesterday, I will be phoning you soon, within the next two weeks.
Siobhan, I'd die for you, I should've then in 2003, thank you, love,  Billy
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