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This is an analysis of Father to son, from Golders Green Hippodrome.I compared this version with the studio version. I will make the same for every song from that gig. I made it for my own pleasure. I posted here cause I thought maybe there are people who may be interested in this reading. 
            I'm sure there are mistakes and omissions. If you see any mistake regarding the musical terms, or english grammar feel free to correct me. And I hope some of you will enjoy it.



            The song starts with falling arpeggios, and it was played from tape, as a sequel of Procession. Because this version is not the same with the one from Queen II, it sounds different. First, it plays an octave below the original one, and it’s slower. Another difference is that the bass guitar appears along the arpeggio.
    //                    Studio                     //                 Live
e  ||--22------------------------------    ||--10-----------------------
B ||------22--------------------------    ||------10-------------------
G ||---------24-----------------------    ||---------12----------------        Electric guitar
D ||-------------24----------------- --   ||-------------12------------       
    ||                                                   ||
D ||-----------------------------------    ||-------------12------------        Bass guitar
    \\                                                 \\
            The arpeggios are played eight times, while on the record it goes twenty-four times. To be more precise it goes 8 times in normal volume, but if continues on a very low volume. After the eighth time, when the first is played on low volume, enters the first chord.
            The next thing what differs is at the drumming part. On the album there is a bass line which starts at the thirteenth second. There are three bass notes which goes downward. On the studio version these notes are played with the bass drum(for every note there is at the same time a bass drum beat). On the concert the first two notes are played alone, and only on the third note there is a drum beat, but it’s not the bass drum but the snare. After that, Roger does a break, which leads to the first vocals. This break is different too. Below you can see the difference.

                                                                 Studio        1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   *
                                                                 Live             1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   1   2   3   *  56       7   *


            The first line ("A word...")  sound like in the studio version. After that there are three drum beats which introduces the next vocal line. The versions are not the same. On the record there are two tam-tams and one bass drum, but live, Roger played one tam-tam, one snare and one bass drum.  On the studio version, before the third line  ("Hear the word..."), enters the harmony vocals. Live there are no harmony vocals. Between the third("Hear the word...) and the fourth (I fought with you...) line, Brian plays a guitar fill , which is not on the studio version. :
G ||  ---7h9----11h12---  .After "I fought with you..." the drum break is different again :

                                                                    Live       S        S                                                     S - Snare
                                                                                       B       B   B                                            B - Bass drum
                                                                   Studio    T T T T T T B                                           T- Tom-Tom

            After the "Fought on..." line on the studio version there is no drum break, but on the concert Roger did one which is the same with the break that he did after the last line on the record. After the  "Long before..." line (just before the chorus enters) there is a drum tremolo. On the studio version it’s done with the snare, but on the on the concert it’s done with the hi-hat. Between the word “born” and the beginning of the chorus there are four bars. On the studio version the tremolo starts at the third bar and it goes two bars, but live it started at the fourth bar and went one bar.


            The chorus starts different straight away. Instead of  "Joyful the sound " Freddie sings the  "Kings will be crowned" line, just as he sings it on the album, but on the second chorus. At the second line he doesn’t sing the “The” word, but he starts with the "Word" word. The same happens with the next line. He skips the “From” word and starts with “father”. During the chorus we can hear the backing vocals but their volume is pretty  low. After the chorus there is a break which is the same as the on on the record but during that, John starts to play that part which, on the studio version is between the next chorus and the intro’. On the studio version( on the next chorus) John plays three notes, but on the concert he plays only the first two. Below you can see the differences.
                                   Studio                                       Live

Drums                                                                 F F      F F F   T   T T                      F-  Floor -Tom
Bass      G||-- 14---------------14---            G||--14--------------------                         T- Tom-Tom
                D||------------12-----------             D||-----------12-----------

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            The second verse has completely new lyrics. Below you can see the differences between the two lyrics and their melodies.

                   Live                                                                                                            Studio

      And now and again                                                                                And the voice is so clear
e||-------0-----2----3-3----                                                                         e||------------0-------2-3---3------
B||-1----------------------------                                                                     B||-1----1-----------------------------
      Time after time I keep                                                                           Time after time it keeps
e||--2------0----2-----0--------                                                                    e||-2------0-----2-----0-------------
B||-----------3-----------3--0--                                                                    B||------------3-----------3-----0---
     Calling you and warning you on your way                                        Calling you, calling you on                                       
e||-0--------------------0---------------------------------------                         e||-0--------------0--------------------
B||-----3----0---------------3-----0-----------------------                              B||-----3-----0-------3-----0----------
G||----------------2----------------------2---2-----2----                                D||---------------------------------2-0-
      Father replies                                                                                        Don't destroy what you see
e||-----------0---0-----                                                                                e||-0------0---0----2-----3----3-----
B||-1---3----------------                                                                              B||-------------------------------------------
      Time on your side                                                                                 Your country to be 
e||---------0---2-------------                                                                        e||---------------0-2--2--
B||--3----------------3----                                                                           B||-3------3------------------
      I was alone long time                                                                           Just keep building on the ground
e||-----------0------------0-----                                                                     e||-0------------0----3----0-------------------
B||-0-0---0-------3------------                                                                     B||-------3----------------------3----0--------
      Ago                                                                                                            That's been won
e||---0--                                                                                                       e||-----------------0------
B||-0-----                                                                                                     B||----------0-------------
G||--------                                                                                                    G||-2-----------------------

            During the second line ("Time after...) there is a break which is played slightly different. On the studio version it starts earlier. During the word “after” there are two tom-tom’s; Roger didn’t play those two beats live, but what’s next is the same. When Freddie sings “I” Brian hits  a D# and it sounds very out of tune. After "On your way" there is a break and Brian plays a guitar fill on top of that :
Exactly when Freddie ends singing the word “ago”, John plays his part different compared to the studio version :

  //        Studio                         //         Live
G||-----------------                  G||------------------------
D||------------------                D||----2-0----------------
A||------------------                 A||---------3-2-----------
E||--0---0---0---0--              E||--0-----------3-2-0---
   \\                                          \\  

            On album after "I was alone..." line and before the chorus Roger plays a snare crescendo tremolo. Live, he plays a hi-hat crescendo tremolo. Between  "ago"(live)/"been"(studio) and the beginning of the chorus there are four bars. On the studio version the tremolo starts with the third bar and goes two bars. On the concert the snare tremolo starts with the fourth bar and goes only one bar.


            At the second line he doesn’t sing the word “The” but he start with “Word”. On the next line he skips the word “From”, just like a chorus earlier. The backing vocals are present but again very low. After the chorus there is a break which is not the same with the original one. Below you can see the differences. On the studio version the break starts earlier with one beat.

                         Live                                                                        Studio

 T2 T1     T1 T1 T1     T2     T2  T2                  T1 T1 T1   T2   T1   T2 T1 T1 T1               T1 - Tom-tom 1
 1   2   *   4    5   6   *   8   *  10  11  *               0   1   2  *  4  *  6  *  8   9 10  11  *            T2 - Tom-tom 2

During the break, on the record, John plays three notes, but live he plays only one, the first note.
                             Studio                                       Live

Bass   G||-- 14---------------14---           G||--14--------------------                         
             D||------------12-----------            D||-------------------------                       


            After the chorus there is a part which is approximately  the same as the intro, but they play it different live. Especially John. On this part there are sixteen arpeggios. The first ten the same as on the album, but the next six are not. I didn’t write down the first ten, only the last six. John plays totally new things. At the beginning of this part he hits the E (0*)  string by mistake, but it didn’t sound too loud. Roger plays new parts as well; because John plays something new he has to play along. During the arpeggios, on the studio version there are no drums only during the  last four arpeggios. During the arpeggios, on concert there are drums as well. It’s nearly the same with the slight difference that on record it’s crescendo and live it’s not. There is another difference, but now from Freddie’s part. During the break he doesn’t sing the “Won’t you hear us sing” line.

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D||-5-----------------------------|-3-----------------------------|-1---------------------8----5-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0----|     Bass Studio
D||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|-1---------------1--------------|-0-0-0-0-0-0---0---0---0---0-0-----|     Bass Live
  ||--------------------------------|------------------------------S-|F-------------B-F-----------S-|F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F---|     Drums Live
e ||-------------------------- -----|--------------------------------|----------------10-----10------|10------10------10------10---------|
G||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|--------------------12-----12--|----11------11------11------11-----|     Guitar Studio
e ||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|-----------------------10- --10|------10----------------------------------|
B||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|---------------------10---- 10-|----10-10--------------------------------|
G||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|------------------12----12-----|--12-------12----12--12-12-12-12-|   Guitar Live
  \\    S-snare,   F-floor tom,   B-bass drum


            Originally this part works in stereo, I mean , in the right channels is chorus A, and in left channel is the chorus B. Each of them sound different, and goes in the same time. On the concert they sang only chorus B . Freddie skips the “Our family song” line. On the studio version, at 1:56, he sings “Ohh yeah” , but in concert he doesn’t sing it. Again, at the end of the bridge there is the line “Now we hand it on”, but in concert he doesn’t sing it.
There are differences with the instrument parts too. While they sing the chorus B Roger is not playing the hi-hat only as on the origina version but hes hiting the bass drum as well. A the end there is a break which is played different.
                         Studio                                                                  Live

12345678123456781234567812345678       -1012345678123456781234567812345678             S- snare
                                                                 T   F                                                                                                       B – bass drum
S    S     S    S    S  S   S    S    S    S    S   S          S    T  T   T  T  T   T  T  T   T  T                        S               T- tom tom
  BB  BB  BB BB  B  B  BB  BB BB  BB  B  B             B F  F  F   F  F   F  F   F  F  FFFF FFFFFF                  F-floor tom

The bass part has changed a little bit. John doesn’t play all the notes. Originally there are no guitars in that part, but doing live Brian plays a few notes. Below you can see what is  played  differently.

D||-3-----------------|--------------------------------|-3----------3--1------|-------------------------------|-13---------------|----------3--1--------|  Bass
A||--------------------|--------------------------------|--------------------3--|-1-----------------------------|--------------------|-----------------3-----|  Studio
D||-3-----------------|-------------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------------|-13----------------|------------------------|  Bass
A||--------------------|-------------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------------|---------------------|------------------------|  Live
e ||--------------------|-----------------------------|-------------------------|--------------------------------|---------------------|-----------------------|
B||--------------------|-----------------------------|-------------------------|--------------------------------|---------------------|-----------------------|  Guitar
G||--------------------|-----------------------------|-------------------------|--------------------------------|---------------------|-----------------------|  Live
   VERSE 3

            The beginning of the third verse has new lyrics, but the melody is the same. The first line “But I’ve heard…” wasn’t sang. The second and the third line has new lyrics, but rest is the same as the original.
                  Live                                                            Studio
Got to write you on a letter                        Take this letter that I give you
Hold it sonny hold it high                          Take it sonny hold it high

On the studio version, at the end of the verse, after “..before you die” Roger sings “ Yeah yeah”, but in concert in the same time Freddie sings “Oh yes”.
            The bass guitar makes some changes, but only in one place. Where Freddie sings “..won’t understand a word..”, exactly when Freddie sings “…stand”, John doesn’t play the riff  as properly, but he twists it a little

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Studio                           Live
A|---------7---7---        A|----------7---7
E|--0--0-----0-----      E|------------0----


            Through the first solo, the bass guitar plays a lot of different things. At the beginning, the main riff is played twice, just like on the album, but after that John plays new stuff. Below you can see the differences. Another difference is that this part is shorter, then the original. Before the end they must have played the main riff two more times , but they didn’t play it.
D||--------------------------4-5---5-5-2---2-4-5---5-5----------------|   Studio

D||---------------------------------------------------------------------------|   Live
               The solo is that improvisation kind if solo. Both on album end in concert. The two version are not the same but they have resemblances. As I said it’s mainly improvisation. The whole solo1 part is shorter then the album version. It’s structure is made up by three main riffs and it’s tail, and these are repeating themselves. That’s what I call a “riff-set”. The concert version is made up by five riff-sets, and the album version is made up by three six riff-sets. What the original solo has in addition to the concert version is the stereo-solo-trickery which is the second part of the solo. You can’t really notice that the two parts haven’t got the same length, because in the beginning Brian plays the riff-set once in both versions, and at the end he plays the riff-set twice in both versions too. And you have the illusion that both are the same.
Most of the drum parts are like the album version. The difference is that during this part, on the record, Roger does four breaks, but in concert he does only three. During the guitar solo he plays two breaks, but live he played only one and it sound the same as the second break on concert. At the end of this part there are two more breaks(before the music stops), both on album and in concert. The first break is the same on both versions but the second is not the same. It sounds nearly the as the first with the difference that Roger hits the cowbell once. So in concert the two breaks are nearly the same, but on album they are different.
            Along with the last break, Freddie sings “Oohh”, and after the music stops he sings “Ti-dip ti-dip tip  Oh yeah”


            This part is different from many points of view. First, it’s longer with a riff-set. Secondly the bass guitar plays totally new things. The guitar solo is that improvisation type of solo again, and it has no resemblance with the studio version. It’s also shorter. In concert, this part has ten parts( as you can see from the bass tab below) and the solo starts with the second part and ends with the fifth part. On album it has eight parts, it starts in the middle of the third part and ends with the eight part.



D||---------------------------------------|------------------------------------| Bass Live

            The drums are changed a little bit too. The album version has three short breaks ( maybe the correct word would be drum rolls). If we divide this part in eight sub-parts, then we can say that the first drum roll it’s at the end of the second sub-part, the second drum roll is at the end of the sixth sub-part (this is slightly different then the first one), and the third drum roll, which is exactly as the first,  is at the end of the eighth sub-part. In concert there are tree breaks too (one real break and two drum rolls). So, the concert version has ten sub-parts, and not eight. The first break is at the end of the fourth sub-part, and it’s totally different compared to the ones from the album. The second and the third drum rolls are at the end of the eight and the tenth sub-parts, and are the same like the first and the third from the album.
            At the end of this part there are two more breaks, before the song reaches the slow part. In this part there is a little change too. The difference is that on the album the two breaks are different, but in concert the two breaks are alike, and are the same as the first one on the studio version.
            Just like at the end of the first solo, Freddie sings “Oohh”  again, but now he sings on top of the both breaks.
            Beside these changes there is on more at the beginning. When the drums enter, after a few beats, Freddie sings (or rather shouts) : ”I’m gonna write you on a letter” .

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            This part is very different. First of all, between the first two lines there  is piano( on album), but here there is no piano, but Brian played a few notes on his guitar instead. What is different with the drum part is that the drum enters earlier then on the studio version.
            The biggest changes are the new lyrics. The first two lines are identical but the next six are new. The last five are identical again.

        Live                                                                                      Studio

A word in your ear                                                                                  A word in your ear         
From father to son                                                                                 From father to son
      You got to show me                                                                              Funny you don’t hear
B||-0----0---0--5-------3---------                                                                B||-5---3--5----3-----3------   
    (And) show me, show me your way                                                      A single word I say
B||-0-----7------3-----5------0----0-----0-----                                             B||-0-5---3---0-----3-5---------
       I fought with you                                                                                    But my letter to you
B||-0-3-------5-----5----------------------------------                                     e||-0---0---0-2---3---3--------
      Fought on your side                                                                              Will stay by you side
B||-7--------5---3-----3------------------------------                                      B||-3----3----5--7----7--------
      I was alone                                                                                            Through the years
B||-0-0---0-5--------------------------------------------                                  B||-5---------3----0--------------
      Long time ago                                                                                        Till the loneliness is gone
e||----------------------------------------------------------                                  B||----------5----3-3-----0--5------
B||-3------5-----0-5------------------------------------                                    G||-2--4-------------------------------

With this verse we have slightly different drums. The second break is shorter in concert, and Roger played a third break(on album there are only two). This is played at the end of the “side” word.
            Most of the bass guitar parts are different. Below is the tab.




            The only difference with the vocals is that during the “Sing if…” there are no backing vocals like on the album version. They didn’t play the Outro. The song ends at that part where they sing “Father to, father to father to son”. After the vocals are done, Roger plays two short drum-rolls and they stop.

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This is awesome!

Can't wait for another analyses

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Looks nice but I would recommend to use images instead of "ASCII art"

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But I don't know what's the difference :)

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Epic!!!! Guitars are fantastic.

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"Fmarton wrote: I will make the same for every song from that gig."

Please dont.

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Excellent! Very interesting. Thanks.

Wilki Amieva
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I'm not sure what your purpose is for doing this, but this is simply excellent work.  Your ear is clearly fantastic.

"The more generous you are with your music, the more it comes back to you." -- Dan Lampinski
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I have no other purpose than enjoying doing it. You know, I'm a Queen concert freak :)
And it's good to see some of you finding it interesting

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This is exactly why I love QZ. Keep 'em coming!

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nice:) (you have 2 much time....;) )

Is there an conclusion somewhere?

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I appreciate this very much. Thanks for all your hard work and as the man said: keep 'em coming!