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yep, here is another, and possibaly the last forum entiteled ''we love you .......... (and the member)'' So, to end this season finaly of ''we love you'' I decided to make it extra special by talking about why we love dear old Freddie Mercury, so, as we did in the previous forums entitled, ''we love you Brian, we love you Roger and we love you John'' I shall end this with  ''we love you Freddie'' I cant believe this is the end of the ''we love you'' forums
Oh what the hell, that was a random ball sh*t speach there to say, ''yep another we love you forum, oh and it's the last one''
so what do you Love about dear old Freddie?

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oh dear me, i have to certainly be the first to answer this forum. Since Freddie is my dear most favortie in Queen.
Not to single out any of the other fellow Queenies, it's just he left this massive irreplaceable impact on my life.
His voice is so distinctive and those melodic sounds that come out of his piano when he plays so blissfully.
Freddie is the reason i wish to persue a career as a musician. He taught me to be true to yourself, and to never take yourself seriously. He never did anything to impress one crowd of people. What he did at one time enlightened 20 percent of his fans, and the other 80 percent were either mind boggled or thought Queen were corrupting our youth.
Well Freddie couldn't impress everyone, but he certainly woed me everytime he came on stage flaunting his hot sex appeal on stage. In that wonderful leotard, all caked up. Freddie did it all, and i couldn't ask for a penny less or a penny more from that man. He's given us, or self fish me so much. As in the words of Mr, Mercury
"Fuck today, it's tomorrow"!

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I love FReddie because,he was such a compassionate and caring person. He brung a lot of happiness to alot of people. His music makes me happy. My childhood is filled with memories of him.I never forget him,as long as I live.Every September 5th I celebrate his birth. And every November24 I watch Queen.Long live the Queen!!!!!