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For me, my favorite live versions of the song come from this tour, I'm looking for the nicest version he did to add to my collection. So far my favorite has been at Cologne but I haven't been able to find a version that didn't cut to a lower quality recording about 3 minutes or so into it for a while. Terrific rendition, superior to the studio version as far as I'm concerned. The highlight of that performance for me is the two refrains of "Bites the Dust" he starts at about 2:28 into the song. He didn't sing it like that at every performance but he did at a few I think? Anyone either have a version that doesn't cut out, or a great alternate show's performance? I've been using the Wembley (7/12) performance so I'm already familiar with that one. Thanks in advance for any willing to take the time to help me out :)


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I just listened to the cologne version I have again, and it IS terrific. Maybe I'm biased because I am from cologne (and I missed the show because I got my first Queen-tape from a friend 2 months later at the age of 10... I will regret that forever!) but that really is a great version, the audience is absolutely on spot and Freddie seems to enjoy himself a lot. The whole cologne show would've been a candidate for "Live Magic", the audience goes absolutely berserk from the first bar.

I also like the Knebworth version a lot. But even Wembley is nice, despite Freddie's voice. The fact that they played AOBTD always during daylight on that tour (apart from the few indoor-shows) seems to have added to the party-mood, because the band could actually see the audience dance and go wild.

Guten Tag und Guten Abend !!! We had a great time in Cologne. Drinking beer in the sunshine beside the Mighty Rhein brought back many memories for me..... (Brian May, 2004)