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Bullocks, if anyone interested : I attended the WWRy premiere at Utrecht Beatrix Theater the Netherland september 3rd. 2010. Here is a little review:

Many Queen fans waiting at the the theatre were dissappointed because Brian and Roger did not walk the red carpet, but choose the artist enterence at the back of the building instead. So the Queen fans waiting for the axeman and bigsounddrummer only waistd their own time, growing older leaning on metal fences without seeing their hero's.

Me , I was lucky , I walked the red carpet 2gether with my girl and my mother. I was willing to give autographs, and the press took my pictures... hehe...

Inside the theatre it was loaded with famous dutch people , one of them , Lenie t Hart , which whom I know of my childhood came over for a chat. She was invited because she own a help centre for stranded and abandond seals...She worte at the time , 2002, Queen (jim Beach) a letter for the donation commercial for TV , within a week she got a reply from the Queen office that they were willing to let het use the song (it´s a beautifull day) for free.
She was very anxious to meet BM & RT in real life. I don;t think she did, because the afterparty BM & RT appeared in a seperated room, not even accessible to me, though I had afterparty tickets. Though she did told me that she once again asked Queen to use another song , and once agian she got permitted to use the new song for her new commercial. For the dutch , the new song is Love of my LIfe! I Like and love seals, I like any annimals btw..

Well the show started some songs were addapted to dutch, most of them were left in the original way.

The stage is different to the London stage.

I don;t like musicals , but it was a honour to see BM again on stage even if it was for a short while only.

Here is a youtube footage from the front row

Enjoy Brian enters stage after about 25 seconds!

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I was there too... It was very very nice to see Brian playing on stage! Great show by the way!

If somebody is interested: I've taped the complete show with the voice-recorder of my telephone. The quality is not good (it was my first try), but, I've got it on tape :-).

Does somebody want to hear it? In case you do, I will try to upload it somewhere...

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Too bad I couldn't be there, but I went to the first tryout, it was amazing!
Bought a few things including the drumsticks with the WWRY logo on it.

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I don't like musicals but everyone is nagging me about WWRY in Utrecht. All say that I just have to see it. I think if i'm ever going to see the show it's gonna be the one in London. The dutch lead-actor did an interview in Veronica Magazine wich contained a Queen / pop quiz. He answered the most questions wrong but stated he was a huge fan. I think if there ever was a musical called Jumping Jack Flash he would be a huge Stones fan... Once again, I don't like musicals, the actors and sure don't like him (can't be bothered to remember the guy's name).

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