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you know that feeling when you listen to a song for the first time in years and it reminds you of all those memorys you had from when you use to listen to it loads, if you do then which songs are they?
im asking because i just walked into my room after getting a drink and Scandal was playing on my laptop and it reminded me of ages ago when i use to listen to it all the time, and because Brian wrote it about the press being such total gits, i use to look at that song as the song that expressed the way i felt, its an amzing song and its amazing looking back at the differences in time, because then i  put my foot down and moved forms and its starting to get better, and when i listen to a kind of magic, it reminds me of when i use to have some spare time when i had got ready for school and id sit in my room waitin to go and in that time id watch the music video of a kind of magic, and to prove how long ago this was, i couldnt even pronounce "Deacon" (i couldt read it properly) but i can now, and omg i did nt even know it was him in the video :O but now i obviously do because i have OQD (Obsessive Queen Dissorder)

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Made In Heaven was the first Queen album I owned when I got into them in 1995, and so was the album I listened to most.  When I got with my first serious girlfriend in the summer of 1996, I remember playing this album to her and the stand out track for her was "A Winter's Tale" (ironically in the middle of July!!).  So, whenever I hear that song, I think back to then, and the magic I was feeling inside when I was in love for the first time.  Soppy, eh?

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Both 'Need Your Lovin' Tonight' and 'Don't Try Suicide' bring me right back to pumping quarters into a jukebox in the dingiest and grimiest arcade you can fathom when I was 13.  The place was filled with actual tough people who sniffed out my and my friends' inherent wimpiness like wolves despite the game faces.  I got my jukebox and videogame money forcibly removed from me multiple times. Anyway,  I think I wore those NYLT and DTS 45s right out.