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Posted: 06 Jan 11, 01:29 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Watch the videos, its great to see people like this and have a second chance in life.

original video:

CBS morning show:

Roger: Can I go To Lunch Now?

Brian: No, You Can't...


Freddie: Oh Shit, All this crap again?!

"If I had to do it all over again, yes why not? why not
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Strangely, I'm actually a little worried for the guy at this point.  It's the kind of viral process that makes people and corporations feel like they actually own a little piece of somebody's story, and not entirely in a good way. The pressure can get tremendous, and it can turn a little unwittingly predatory quickly.  I expect old mug shots any hour now,  along with the real details of a real man's life that fray the narrative some.  I think it would have been so much better for him to get a low key job and work his way back.  Unless this guy is really, really strong and together this landslide of unearned high profile job offers and flurry of attention is going to be hard to navigate and survive.  It's kind of Susan Boyle-ish, as has been pointed out, and more than a few people really put her through the public ringer before it all settled itself again.  These kinds of media fuelled collective fairy tales often devolve with the same vociferous glee with which they were constructed.

But other than that, yes, it's a great story. LOL

I watched him in some Kraft Foods propaganda on YouTube today, and I do wish him the best. His talent is very clear.