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When I watched to the bits of amateur footage from the first night in Moscow '08 I noticed that there were a lot of professional cameras at concert. So where is this professional footage now? On I read that bits of songs were broadcast on the next day after gig. I even remember that I saw that TV report from Moscow and it seems that I saw these bits of professional footage.

Maybe someone here has this TV report?

And was the second night also professionally filmed?

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Not only Moscow, but a lot of concerts of the ''Cosmos Tour'' were filmed, they have more minutes of film in the archives from this tour than in the whole Freddie era. It's a shame.

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You will have to take a look at thisin perspective : The Queen + FM era was along time ago. Recording or filming concerts wasn't a real thingin 70's becausethere wasn't a real home video market.People couldn;treally affort vcr's back then.BEsides that filmingconcerts was very expensive, e.g. Queen wanted to film 1 or2 shows in the U.S. probably it would be MSG in NEW York, though they decided to film it in Canada because filming in the us was very expensive.

Besides that filming became more and more a standard in thisdigital age. Even when britney spears farts, there is big chanche it is caught on camera.

Another example is that they most used film type was for t.v. broadcasting like all the snippet footages from 79 you can see clear that tv station camera;s we're not suiteble to film concerts. Take a look at the madrid, rotterdam or brussels 79, the camera hardly can handle the huge amount of light from a concert.Roger his drumskin is seen as a white stain most of the time, and during WATC the whole screen is white. And the sound isn;t that great as well. Not using a soundboard feed, except for the madrid, just the mic. feed.

It was the FC that decided or demanded that 2 from the paris shows were filmed. Good quality though but tosave costs 2 camera's only.

My dream is from each tour a complete concert dvd. I can only dream of a milwaukee 1980 dvd, showing Queen at their peak in the US, playing a larger arena... but it won;t happen. In the Vaults they have a lot of footage, but merley live footage, let alone even less footage that is suiteblefor a dvd release.

I pray for the Bob Harris documentary.

Though we as Queen fans have to praise ourselfs being lucky, as for Queen there is quite a lot avaible compared to other bands.

Try youtube for the moscow footage, i;ve seen it there...