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For your amusement, here's the third Queen Live Skype Debate I participated in.


"Well, what do ya know?! Here's ANOTHER Queen Live Skype Debate: Hosted by Gregsynthbootlegs; recorded by tsskiller08; and attended by six people overall (Myself, Adam, Brian, Chris, TSS_Killer, and a late arrival-David)! With the exception of David (Typhoon792), everybody featured in this debate, previously participated in the past debates (The Crazy Debate and/or The Magic Debate)! Like the past debates, you may agree or disagree with our opinions about the songs and gigs--but we can agree on one thing: This was a VERY LONG and OBNOXIOUS debate (nearly 4 hours). About 42 minutes into the debate, a new participant (Typhoon792) joins the fun, and makes some very interesting and valid statements and points (despite not being familiar with Queen's live performances)! TSS_Killer recorded this debate using the same equipment as he did during the Magic Debate--so the sound quality is great, and in stereo! However, due to glitches in his sound buffer, the sound sometimes will become distorted and unstable. I hope that doesn't affect your listening experience too much.

Bloopers, fails, and off-topic nonsense have been kept in (for your amusement):

1. Out of the six people during this debate, only three were sober: I was intoxicated on alcohol (Carlo Rossi wine) and caffeine (Mt. Dew), Brian got slightly drunk (St. Paulie) during the Medley section, and Adam started off the debate drunk (on English wine)--but was sobering up throughout!

2. Elton John becomes a popular topic during this whole debate (you can thank TSS_Killer and Adam for fucking that up)! We use "Passengers" and a live 1986 version of "Restless" for the debate's intro and outro!

3. Due to the fact that Brian is a crazy, wild, adolescent, hormone-raging Jew, he spent a good part of the debate cracking jokes about my sister, and making some rather "suggestive" comments about her. I'm gonna kill him at this year's North American Queen Fan Convention (AKA Breakthru 2011)...

4. As usual, I forget the set-list (no surprise there), and the debate didn't stay on topic for long (blame Brian, Adam, and TSS_Killer for that)!


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Hey is this torrent gone now?

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