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I went in to HMV cork on Sunday 13th, March (so much for friday 18th release date) and saw the Queen index full of the new remasters! At first I thought the 'Deluxe Editions' were on display elsewhere in the store as all I saw were the 5 new Queen CD's plus Deep Cuts (can't leave that out, can we?) in super-jewel cases. I looked at them and then noticed 2 different price tags and then noticed that written on the rear of the more expensive ones was 'Bonus EP'! Bah, so that's what I was waiting for since Christmas! I thought the 'Deluxe Editions' would be like the U2 remasters! Hardback 2CD with great artwork and hard outer sleeve. (The Mercedes-Benz S-Class of CD packages!!) Queen are on Island now just like U2. U2 are a great band and deserved this treatment for their back catalogue but, but, but Queen are a greater band and deserve much better 'Deluxe Editions' don't you think! This year is Queen's 40th, and even though there's a recession and all that money being scare malarkey, I think the 'Deluxe Editions' could have been better and not just super-jewel. I hate super-jewel and hate the way the rear inlay is die-cut and all that. (It's an anti-piracy thing I'm sure but with music sales so low at the moment it's a bit unnecessary) Seems that the crown jewels which is Queen's unique and great music is kept behind plastic! Lucky ol' U2. Now that's what I call 'Deluxe Editions'!! :(

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So your local HMV store was selling them early?  There are big fines for breaking the release date, although some big stores practice this so they can get the early advantage on sales - it's usually with big game releases though, as there's usually more than enough profit from these to get the advantage AND pay the fine, but not for CDs as it;s usually just a waste of time.

Release date was today, btw (don't know where you got the info about the18th from?)

Anyway, back on topic - I couldn't agree more about the packaging.  I was expecting exactly the same (a similar idea to the NATO 30th anniversary CD), but it looks like presentation and content is an afterthought, yet again.

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