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have you ever got really hyper because your either in a shop and you see something Queen related or in school, because today in citizenship i was at the back of the class with my friends and we all had to watch a video about sex education and they were talking about AIDS, and they shown a clip of freddie mercury singing scandal, as soon as i heard the guitar solo and the bright red banner saying "scandal" i nearly fell off the table and died of happiness! and there right infront of me and my class mates was freddie! and roger swaying his hair! everyone infrotn turned around to see me because they know i am obsessed with Queen and i was blowing freddie kisses and almost crying on my friend emma because they were also talking about how he died :'( but seeing him was amazing! i couldnt stop smileing after! which wasnt to good since they were talking about how it kills people but id just seen Freddie Mercury singing pne of my favorite Queen songs of all time! 
anyone else had a similar experience? and how did you react