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Remasters of first five albums ans Deep Cuts were released on March 14th.

There are some identical topics but I decided to create this one which is about all that stuff in general.

So this topic is for those of you who've already heard them. I already have the first two albums and Deep Cuts. Just listened to some of the songs from the bonus material. 

What are you opinions, guys?

As for what about me, I think that bonus material is not so interesting although the quality is generally good comparing to the previous. Although, the most interesting songs are '39 from the second night at Earls Court 1977 and YTMBA from Hyde Park 1976.

And what do you think what will be in the bonus in the next albums?

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There are some great tracks in the bonus material, but as has been mentioned elsewhere, there's not really much new.  I don't give a toss about a capella versions of Leroy Brown and Bohemian Rhapsody etc.  For me they're just not that exciting and is really disappointing that that is all they could fill the bonus tracks with.  The live Take My Breath Away is outstanding and sounds great, as of course White Queen, one of my favourite tracks. But why bother with Lap Of The Gods from Wembley?  Very hit and miss with the bonus material.

As for the original albums themselves, I really like the sound of the new remasters. I have all five and have been cranking them through the headphones and they do sound great.  I've really discovered what I love about Queen all over again listening to these, especially Day At The Races, my favourite Queen album.

Deep Cuts, it's not for me so I'll save my money for when the next lot of remasters are released.