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Imagine you meet somebody who is not familiar with Queen at all, or maybe knows some of the biggest hits.

Which songs would you put on one CD to REPRESENT what Queen was about? I am not talking about another 'Greates Hits' collection, but about one CD (lets say 17 tracks) which show to this person the musical range and variety of Queen's lifework.

You would have to include heavy rockers, bombast, pomp & glam, opera, pop, ballads, and all the stuff & styles they have done and remember that they had 3 singers. For example I think it would be useless to include Radio Ga Ga, I want to break free AND a kind of Magic, as all of these tracks represent the pop side of Queen.

I would pick (in no particular order):

Killer Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody
Tie your mother down
I'm in Love with my car
'39 (or good company)
Don't stop me now
Crazy little thing called love
Anotherone bites the dust
Radio Ga Ga
Was it all worth it
Too much love will kill you
Sheer heart attack
Somebody to love
My melanchony Blues
Bring back that Leroy Brown (or lazing on a sunday afternoon or seaside rendezvous)
Let me live

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Innuendo (Heavy, high tempo)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Do you need a reason??)
March Of The Black Queen (A real mix of styles, IMHO the ULTIMATE Queen track)
It's A Hard Life (12") (Bautiful track, the 12" is way better than the album version)
Heaven For Everyone (Would remix to showcase Freddie and Roger's vocals)
Don't Stop Me Now (Great party tune)
Save Me (Just because)
My Melancholy Blues (A great, heavily underrated Freddie number)
White Queen (As It Began...)  (Beautiful, delicate Brian track)
Long Away  (showcases Brian's vocals)
Love Of My Life (As per Bo Rhap)
Somebody To Love (An incredible vocal performance from all)
Who Needs You (Nice)
These Are The Days Of Our Lives  (Poignant. Seen as Freddie's "farewell")
Made In Heaven  (Powerful, energetic, meaningful)
A Kind Of Magic (Because there can be only ONE)
Breakthru (Great beat)
Mother Love (Truly Freddie's last track)

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