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The Miracle in A Winters Tale

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I Think one thing everyone has to remember concerning the that they are here only to replace the old versions of
the queen albums that were released by EMI and Hollywood records in
current circulation...their not here really to serve as something new
for longstanding queen fans ...but  to serve as an introduction to
anyone who has never heard the music before....Queen wanted to create a
new generation of fans with the Island Records Remastered
releases..hence the live tracks included with the remasters from
previous released material..but queen being queen like to go an extra for the die hard fans, the alternate takes,the odd demo and
acapella/instrumental material was included on an extra disc, because
why would a die hard queen fan want to replace their catalogue-for the
subjectively enhanced remasters?-maybe,but queen like to offer and
reward their fans..............but remember,the anthology of queen is
happening as we speak...its been going since Live at Wembley came ou
tand will continue in the future....and for every track that is used in
the remasters,thats one less on the discs in a future release.....-as
queen are doing the anthology as a seperate release, unlike the Freddie
Mercury Collection,where it was all under one roof-....its more
profitable for queen to seperately release things,as well as affordable
to the average queen fan....they started with the Live Dvds and the 2
DTS Albums Dvd as well as the Singles Collection ...but then further
releases were put on hold... it was put on hold as queen were coming to
the end of their contracts with the previous distributors,and now that
queen are being handled by a different distributor,Island Records, its
business as usual, the remasters,documentaries....and then more live
concerts, both video release and audio release, and then the good
stuff.....unreleased material from sessions....with some more album DTS
5.1 Surround DVD-Audio discs.... but not everything will be released
until Brian,Roger and John have passed..remember all audio and concert
footage is theirs....they dont have to part with anything...somethings
will remain private for them..,because if queen release
EVERYTHING...then the cash cow gravy train ends....the audience must
always be waiting to expect...Freddie taught them the fact
that the extra tracks are substandard for the queen fans
longstanding,doesnt bother me in the will tide people
over until the good stuff comes along.....but that may take years before
it fully could be another 5 years before queen release
the unreleased,but then,it could be months away before an announcement
is made......;)

Open Your Eyes and Keep Yourself Alive
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The Invisible Man
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mmm you made a good argument here. And i agree with most of it. But if they did release the unreleased sub standard recordings or whatever, they could at least close that chapter and move on. Material from 2 great songwriters will always be forthcoming and new. Didn't I recently hear somewhere that Roger is releasing a solo album in November......, which will be fresh and new. I personally don't think there is much out there anyway in terms of studio bits, but I would love to get all the live stuff in audio and dvd,,,which there must be loads of.

Craig Wood