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queen on MTV classics ALL NIGHT! just turned on the tv and Oh my god! watching it right now,
and EEEEEEK havent seen brian on the TV! ONLY ON THE LAPTOP! and my days brian u sexy sexy dude! i think i woke up everyone in teh house by screaming THE heighest pitched fan girl scream ever, still squeeling, many of you havent seen me when im hyper so i appolagise or i am alot calmer online that i am in this room with this tv, lets just say ive laid down some grapes in the hope brian will try and get them, THEN he realises its a trap and hes MINE FOR EVER!

basically very good show(s)

quite happy

again i appolagise for being hyper but THIS is the exact reason why i stuck to collectiong pictures because seeing them move makes me rediculously crazy, anyway, i shall not freak you out anymore, im going to stare at  the tv